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Success on Friday

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

It was a slow week at the lake. Part of the reason is that the wind was blowing hard for the most part all week. One of the changes at the lake this year was to let boats go at higher speed over part of the lake. The riprap that was promised to be put around the shoreline of the lake is not there. So as the waves from the boats and/or the wind hit the shore they pick up a lot of mud. When the wind comes out of the southwest the water get pushed into the part of the main lake that I would be fishing.

There were whitecaps on the lake on Tuesday and Thursday when I went out. I tried to fish the settling pond, but it was very hard to cast in the wind. I had a better chance of hitting me than getting the fly into the water. On both days I gave up, as it was too much work to try to get the fly out. There was no fun in it.

By Friday noon the weather had changed. The sun was out and the winds were down. It was time to try again. I am back to trying the Pheasant Tail Nymph and a black leech. I hope these will be more representative of what the fish would be looking for in the water.

I started out with the black leech, for no more reason than it was on the first rod that I picked up. This is a very scientific method to fly selection. I cast it out and let the fly settle for a few seconds and then started to retrieve it. The fly had not moved much when there was a swirl on the fly and a fish was on. I was fairly sure it was a bass from the way it as moving around. I was a little surprised at how large it was when I got it closer.

This fish was close to two feet long. I did get her up and was able to get the hook out without touching her.

I decided that I would move a little ways down the shore before I cast again. I cast the fly out and let it settle a little bit. I then started to slowly retrieve it back in. The fly had not gone far when I had a crappie take the fly. This was a nice way to be starting the lunch hour. It was much better than I had done in the previous five days.

After I got this fish in and returned to the water I had one of the old geezers show up. He wondered if I was getting any fish. I told him I might and made another cast. I had not moved the fly very far and I had a bluegill on the line. This fish was more interested in the bottom of the pond than coming to the shoreline. I let the old geezer have this one.

I made another cast and had the fly move a little way before another crappie took this fly.

This fish was about 11 inches long, which is big for this pond. It was a welcome addition to the bucket.

I was getting a fish to hit on about every other cast. The fly seemed to have to be moving slowly, but steadily for the fish to take it. As the leech was working I never even tried the other fly.

The old geezer ended up with 6 bluegills and three crappie for his bucket. Both of us thought it was a productive lunch hour.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick

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