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Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

The temperatures have stayed down over the noon hours. They have stayed down all day so it is easier to be out. No real rain has come through so the ponds should be getting clearer.

On Tuesday when I get out to the lake there are folks on each jetty and someone has taken my place at the settling pond! Don't they realize that it is reserved for me at that time? How rude of them! In any case, they were there first so I head to the flat again.

I am surprised that there are that many folks out, but cooler temperatures make it more fun.

I have a popper on one rod and I cast it out to see if it will draw any interest. The other rod has a Hares Ear type fly on it. I cast this fly out and let it drop for a long time. I know there is a drop off about 35 feet out from shore. I want the fly to drop in that area.

That area has the best chance of any fish being there.

The fly is still dropping when I notice the end of the line is going upwind. That is a very good indication to me that a fish has taken the fly. This was a nice sized bluegill that really did not seem to like the idea of being hooked. She twisted and turned every way she could to try to get rid of the hook. She did not get rid of the hook, but I let her go back into the lake.

On every fourth or fifth cast I would get another fish on the line. Most of them were bluegills, but a few were small bass. They were fun to catch. I did not get a single fish to do anything to the popper.

I went back to the same place on Thursday. This time there was no one else out at the lake. I tried the same fly that worked Tuesday and had no luck at all. I did the same things and tried a few variations, but no dice. I was getting ready to move, an impatient fisherman, when I found what the fish wanted. I always cast the line out and the reel it onto the reel. That way I don't drop loops onto the grass or ground and get the line dirty.

It was about halfway in, when my allergies kicked in and I sneezed four times. When I started to reel the line again there was a fish on it. It was a fair sized bluegill that had taken the fly.

I cast the fly out again about 25 feet and let the fly drop. The fly had dropped while I was sneezing and that might be the ticket to what the fish wanted. That seemed to be the ticket. The fish were scattered so I did not get a fish on every cast, but enough to keep it interesting.

Friday was almost a repeat of Thursday. The fish seemed to be scattered over the flat and not at the breakline. I did not see any hatches going on, but I wonder if there was something getting ready to happen later.

There were two people on the one jetty fishing. After my third fish they came over. They did stay back about 20 feet until I had landed the fish I hooked. The Lady asked me what I was using? This was her first time fishing and she wanted to catch a fish. I showed her the fly and then cast it out again. A cooperative bluegill took the fly and I handed her the rod to bring it in. The times I wish I had a video camera to capture the look on her face.

She got this fish in and was "supremely happy." Those were her words. I cast out again and handed her the rod. Another bluegill cooperated and she was able to hook the fish. This was her second fish and she had as much fun getting it in.

She wanted to know where she could get a fly rod to use. She liked the fight on the fly rod. I told her three or four places that she could get them. I also recommended getting a five wt. She wrote it down, even though she did not fully understand what it meant.

She wanted to know where she could get some flies and I gave her a few places to do that also. I also told her that I could tie some up for her, but there was no pressure for me to do it.

Late Friday afternoon, I got a call from her that her fly rod is on order and she wanted two-dozen flies to use for pan fish. I think that someone is hooked. I was not smart enough to ask where she ordered the rod combination. I will get the flies together for her.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick

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