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Almost Shut Out

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

It is Saturday morning and I am headed for a pond that I have not been to for a while. For a while it was too wet to get into. After that the person that was going to hay the land did not want anyone driving across the field to get to the pond. This is the first time that it has opened up.

Joe Hyde has been to this pond. In fact he had a blast in the one corner with his "old reliable" on bluegill. The pond has bluegill and bass in it. I was out for the gills on this morning.

I got to the pond and thought I might have a little trouble. There was a huge algae bloom going on in the water I hope you can see the green color in this photo.

There were a few clumps of the surface algae that you see around the pond, but most of it was a to inch long filamentous variety. I do better in muddy water than in pea soup water.

Here are the other pictures of the pond. Starting at the North end and going to the south end where the dam is.

This picture is of the north end. You can see a little of the algae that accumulates at the north end just below the tree as the left edge. That area is usually always good for a few fish.

The tree you see on the left side here is the last tree on the right side of the previous picture. The water in most of this area is about 6 to 8 feet deep. You can usually catch some fish almost anywhere you cast in the area that you see here.

Again the tree on the left of this picture is the tree on the right side of the previous picture. The little bay you see between the two trees is usually good for a few fish. The water out in the center of the pond is about 14 feet deep.

The area that you see to the right, between the row of trees and the single tree on the right side is where Joe had all of his fun the first time he was on this pond. There are usually fish to be found along the dam and along the shoreline that you see here.

To make a really long story short, and less painful to the author, let it be said that I managed to get four little bass to take a fly on this pond in almost three hours of fishing.

I also caught those four bass in the last half hour I was on the water.

I had three rods with me on this morning. I went through at least eight flies on each rod. I did my favorites, and a goodly number of other flies. I fished high, low, fast, slow, jerky, and any other combination of things that I could think of. None of them worked.

Those pathetic little bass, that I claim, are the only things that kept me from being shut out. That is something that does not happen to me very often.

But the catch of my life tells me that it keeps me humble.
Hope you can get out on the water, and be more successful than I was on this day. ~ Rick

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