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The Three Fishkateers

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

Dave Rosset (anglerdave), Joe Hyde and I had been planning for a few weeks to get together and fish on Saturday June 9. Joe came up Friday evening and joined us at the local Pizza place to eat dinner. We visited for a while that evening also.

Anglerdave had said he would be down between 7:30 and 8:00 am. Joe got to the house just a few minutes before anglerdave showed up. This was the first time that they had met. Dave put his stuff in my pickup and we took off. My wife said she would see us when she saw us. For some reason she knew that time would have no meaning.

Even though we had a short rain shower on Thursday, there was no problem in getting into the pond. We got there and started getting everything ready to fish. Joe and Dave had to put their rods together as they had traveled a fair distance. Mine are usually broken down into the two pieces and then carried in the back of the crew cab to the pond. I do take the reels off at the end of the season. I got the canoe off and the anchors set to be able to use. I put the fish basket and the paddle (the host did not remember to put a second paddle in), along with my rods in the canoe.


I pulled the canoe down to the edge of the pond and made a few casts. After that Dave was there and we got out on the water. It still had some silt in it and there was an algae bloom going on. Not the clearest water that has ever been fished.

Joe headed for the east side.

East Side

Dave and I headed down the west side to see what might be happening.

West Side

We were down between the two trees you can see over the bush, when I had the first bluegill hit. I figured it was easier to catch the first fish to break the ice than to wait for the other two Fishkateers to get in gear. I dropped the back anchor and we cast in this area to see what else we might pick up.

I lost a crappie in this area. We were fishing very slow to give the fish a chance to see the fly. We did not get very many fish at any one place, but we were getting a few. I don't think that the fish could see too far in the water.

Joe Hyde

We went over by Joe to pick up a few fish he had to try the area around the stumps to see if that might be productive.

Dave with fish

I wanted to put this picture in to prove that Dave did catch a fish. He for some reason kept trying to collect more salad for us to eat with a fish dinner. I told him that I really preferred the green lettuce I had at home. I think he caught a little more of it than I did.


This is Joe coming over again to drop off a few fish. You can see the stumps over his left shoulder. He had been fishing the bank you see to the right of the little bay behind him.

Dave is fishing

This picture is to show that I did let Dave fish. I did not make him paddle the canoe. We are back almost where we started fishing.

It was not the fastest day of fishing that we have ever had. But it was a very enjoyable day being with these two fine gentlemen. Since the pirates are north and east of us we are the Fishkateers.

We kept 32 gills and one nice crappie (yours truly). This made a nice batch of fillets.

If you get a chance to fish with either of these nice guys, take it. You will have fun.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick

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