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Saturday Washout

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

I was ready on Saturday morning to go out to a pond and start the long Memorial Day weekend. What better way than to start the weekend that to put some tempting flies in the water for the fish to bite? Works for me. The weather did not cooperate at all. It rained through the night. In fact when I got up in the morning,it was raining.

That ended the chances of getting to a pond on Saturday. We did a bunch of things around the house that needed to be done. The rain kept on falling all day long. It was not the rain so much as the lightening and thunder that was going on. I will get wet, but I am not excited about getting electrocuted.

Sunday was a bright and shining day. After Church, my wife told me that I needed to get the bug out of my system and go to a pond. She also said that it was nice that she gave me permission to do what was going to happen in any case.

All that I needed to do was put on my fishing clothes and head out. The canoe was still loaded and all the other things were in the pickup. In less than five minutes I was on the road. I decided that I could make it into the second pond that I looked at. The first had this real nice mud puddle that I would have to go through. As long as the water had been setting on this I think there is at least three feet of mud under the water. I did not want to get stuck, I wanted to fish.

I headed into one of my favorite ponds. Anglerdave and Joe Hyde have been to this pond. I had hope that the water might be a little clearer than it had been in some other ponds. In any case I had four fly rods with me to try different flies.

Favorite Pond

I put the canoe in the water and started casting. There was no breeze so the anchors did not have to go into the water to hold me in place. That is a rare but welcome circumstance in this part of the world.

Favorite Pond

I started using the black leech type fly with legs on it that had worked before. I like this fly in dirty water and the legs give so much motion and with the motion comes sound to help fish find the fly. I had an idea that the best thing to do was to cast up into the lanes and holes in the weeds along the shore where fish had been the week before in another pond.

Black Marabou Leech

When I got the fly into these places a fish would hit it. I did not land very many of these as they got into the weeds many times and came off. But I got a few of them into the canoe. There were some nice bluegills and a few bass. As I went around I decided to try another fly and see if I might hook the fish more securely. I went with a black marabou leech which is much like the fly I had been using but with no legs. I wondered if the fish might get it a little farther in their mouths and let me get them out of the weeds easier.

It was another one of those great theories that I have, that don't work as well as I hope they would. I hooked the fish, but lost them just as I had before. I did fish the water that was away from the weeds, but could not interest any fish in taking flies there. The visibility was under a foot. That is why I think that casting into the weeds worked so well. The water was a little clearer there and the fish had some cover as they looked for food.

I got about one fourth of the fish I hooked to the canoe, but it was still a fun day.

Legless Black Marabou Leech

Memorial day turned out to be a washout. I was out early, but the rains came and I had to leave to get up the hills before the fields got to wet. The rain continued all morning and I had committed to a few things in the afternoon. So what I had thought would be two fishing excursions turned into one.

Hopefully the rains will slow down a little here and the ponds will get clear enough for the fish to be able to see the flies easier. As a fisherman,I am getting to be like some of the farmers that are never happy with what the weather does.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick

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