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Shallow Big 'uns - Rick Zieger
Another Day, Another Depth - Rick Zieger
Fish or Salad? - Rick Zieger
Head Wind - Rick Zieger
Downhill for 3 Days - Rick Zieger
How Many is Enough? - Rick Zieger
Sinking Line Success - Rick Zieger
Darn Wind - Rick Zieger
Very, Very Softly - Rick Zieger
New Personal Best - Rick Zieger
Conclusion, Fishing in RMNP - Rick Zieger
Vacation Fishing in RMNP, Part 2 - Rick Zieger
Vacation Fishing in RMNP - Rick Zieger
Magic, Twice - Rick Zieger
Crappie in the Rain - Rick Zieger
Jelly Beans - Rick Zieger
Labor Day Crappie - Rick Zieger
Short Saturday - Rick Zieger
Broiler Time - Rick Zieger
Dumb Move - Rick Zieger
Very Softly - Rick Zieger
Drop and Drop Some More - Rick Zieger
A Tale of Two Days - Rick Zieger
Geezer Tuesday - Rick Zieger
Redemption on Tuesday - Rick Zieger
Bad Day - Rick Zieger
Monday Success - Rick Zieger
Anything Goes Saturday - Rick Zieger
A Kid Learning - Rick Zieger
Shore Huggers - Rick Zieger
Friday Noon Hour With Joe Hyde - Rick Zieger
Not Much Help - Rick Zieger
Crappie Coming In - Rick Zieger
Small Rings - Rick Zieger
Early Season Stupidity - Rick Zieger
1 wt Baptized - Rick Zieger
Our Own Worst Enemies - Rick Zieger
Gilled Nymph - Rick Zieger
Sowbug 2006 - Rick Zieger
Beautiful Rain - Rick Zieger
One of 3 Things - Rick Zieger
Why Did I Do That? - Rick Zieger
Fun Saturday - Rick Zieger
Evening Bonus - Rick Zieger
Gift Horse - Rick Zieger
Hail Day - Rick Zieger
Disappointment - Rick Zieger
One Tap - Rick Zieger
Better Be Quick - Rick Zieger
Crappie Binge - Rick Zieger
Lunch - Rick Zieger
Slow Reactions - Rick Zieger
Zero for Twenty-two - Rick Zieger
Pushing the Season - Rick Zieger
One Hour, One Fly - Rick Zieger
Snow Storm Fishing - Rick Zieger
Main Lake Fun - Rick Zieger
Even Slower - Rick Zieger
Pesky Bass - Rick Zieger
Swaps and Meistering - Rick Zieger
One Tap - Rick Zieger
Wierd Day - Rick Zieger
Only The Edge - Rich Zieger
Brisk Morning - Rick Zieger
Shallow and Spooky - Rick Zieger
Post Downpour - Rick Zieger
Sunday Afternoon Action - Rick Zieger
Rainy Saturday - Rick Zieger
Fish 2, Rick 1 - Rick Zieger
Leech Day - Rick Zieger
Light Biters - Rick Zieger
Saturday Rollin' - Rick Zieger
Three Days - Three Ways - Rich Zieger
On the Drop, Fast - Rick Zieger
Hook Folly - Rick Zieger
My Catch and Release Philosophy - Rick Zieger
Spot on the Spot - Rick Zieger
Mortal Saturday - Rick Zieger
Threes - Rick Zieger
Challenge - Rick Zieger
A Few Days Difference - Rick Zieger
Fantastic Day - Rick Zieger
Cold Front - Rick Zieger
Darn Wind Again - Rick Zieger
North Wind - Rick Zieger
Darn Cold Front - Rick Zieger
Pure White - Rick Zieger
Gills, Gills, Gills - Rick Zieger
North and South - Rick Zieger
Lesson Still Unlearned - Rick Zieger
Sow Bug 2005 - Rick Zieger
Cool Sunday - Rick Zieger
Good Start - Rick Zieger
Fly Line Gremlin - Rick Zieger
High and Muddy - Rick Zieger
One of Those Days - Rick Zieger
Finding (and Catching) Mid-Summer and Early Fall Crappies - Randy Fratzke
Stupidity or Still Learning - Rick Zieger
Strange Reminder - Rick Zieger
Vest Again - Rick Zieger
No Apologies - Rick Zieger
New Waters, New Techniques - Randy Fratzke
My Spot - Rick Zieger
Last Fish of the Year - Rick Zieger
Left-handed Cool Friday - Rick Zieger
Slow Day - Rick Zieger
Geezer Luck - Rick Zieger
Bass Off The Bottom - Rick Zieger
More Dubbing Experiments - Rick Zieger
Make Your Own - Rick Zieger
Halloween Fun - Rick Zieger
Breakline Fish - Rick Zieger
Second Time with Angler Dave - Rick Zieger
Red - Rick Zieger
Sunday Wind Tunnel - Rick Zieger
Feast and Famine - Rick Zieger
Geezer Plan - Rick Zieger
Two Ponderings - Rick Zieger
First Timer - Rick Zieger
Confrontation - Rick Zieger
Day With Joe Hyde and I Owe Iowa - Rick and Joe
Midge Morning - Rick Zieger
No Follow Through - Rick Zieger
Popper Fun - Rick Zieger
Waxing Philosophical - Rick Zieger
Fishing with Kevin Slater - Rick Zieger
Only 18 more inches, but... - Joe Hyde
Saturday Fun - Rick Zieger
5 Specie, One Fly - Rick Zieger
First Smallie of the Year - Jason Tinling
Fishing With Anglerdave - Rick Zieger
& Fly Fishn'with Rick!
- Dave Rosset
Panfishing Under A Microscope - Joe Hyde
Into the Wind - Rick Zieger
Dumb Boaters - Rick Zieger
Thank You California! - Joe Hyde
Rick's Favorite Bluegill Flies (Part 2)* - Rick Zieger
Rick's Favorite Bluegill Flies (Part 1)* - Rick Zieger
Rick's Favorite Crappie Flies (Part 2) - Rick Zieger
Rick's Favorite Crappie Flies (Part 1) - Rick Zieger
Rod Baptism - Rick Zieger
Line Woes - Rick Zieger
Spring Gale - Rick Zieger
Rod Building - Rick Zieger
Sowbug '04 - Rick Zieger
Thread Again - Rick Zieger
Loaves and Fishes - Rick Zieger
No Second Chance - Rick Zieger
Abandon Canoe - Rick Zieger
Two Left Feet - Rick Zieger
Yellow Today - Rick Zieger
Popper Experiments - Rick Zieger
Spring Experiment - Rick Zieger
Rambling Reflections on Flies - Rick Zieger
First Outing of 2004 - Rick Zieger
Second Time Around - Rick Zieger
Last Noon of 2003 - Rick Zieger
Landing Frustration - Rick Zieger
Noon Surprise - Rick Zieger
Coot Fly Success - Rick Zieger
Square Yard - Rick Zieger
Hooks and Materials - Rick Zieger
Shore Huggers - Rick Zieger
Wind Solution - Rick Zieger
Compact Hook Removal Tool for Small Fish - Jim Herbold
Minnows - Rick Zieger
The Uninvited - Rick Zieger
Fall River, Rocky Mountain National Park - Rick Zieger
Sore Knees 2 - Rick Zieger
Turkey Lesson - Rick Zieger
4% - Rick Zieger
3wt. Baptism - Rick Zieger
Slow Learner - Rick Zieger
Swimming Lesson - Rick Zieger
White Only - Rick Zieger
Finally Success - Rick Zieger
Sore Knees - Rick Zieger
Pond Draining - Rick Zieger
Hopper Wind - Rick Zieger
Berry Pickin' - Jason Tinling
Saturday Challenge - Rick Zieger
Four Five Four - Jason Tinling
Gills Galore - Rick Zieger
Two Flies,Bream Killer, Desperation Bug - Doug Terry
Weird Day - - Rick Zieger
Observations in Pan-fishing, Part 4 - Randy Fratzke
Observations in Pan-fishing, Part 3 - Randy Fratzke
Observations in Pan-fishing, Part 2 - Randy Fratzke
Observations in Pan-fishing, Part 1 - Randy Fratzke
Muddy Water in More Ways Than One - Richard Zieger
Thunder Spin Revival - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Tree Bites Back - Rick Zieger
Spring Surprise - Jason Tinling
Tube Flies for the Warm Water Fly Fisher, Part 4 - conclusion - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Tube Flies for the Warm Water Fly Fisher, Part 3 - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Tube Flies for the Warm Water Fly Fisher, Part 2 - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Tube Flies for the Warm Water Fly Fisher, Part 1 - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Tying Stupidity - Richard Zieger
The White Bass Run Is On! Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Marabou Gift From H%## - Richard Zieger
No Excuse - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Slow Saturday - Richard Zieger
Tri-Foam Hoppers - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Fun With Swaps - Richard Zieger
Winter Fly-fishing on the North San Gabriel - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Black Gnats - Colston Newton
First Fish on the Fly - Richard Zieger
Thread Headache - Richard Zieger
Icy Edge Bass - Richard Zieger
Friday Respite - Richard Zieger
Shallow Fish - Richard Zieger
The Loch (RMNP) - Richard Zieger
Sunday Wind - Richard Zieger
Noon Help - Richard Zieger
Big Fish Day - Richard Zieger
Lefty Morning - Richard Zieger
Into the Wood - Jason Tinling
Wind Tunnel - Richard Zieger
Double Hatches - Richard Zieger
Floating Nymph Craziness - Richard Zieger
Casting Instruction - Richard Zieger
Christmas in Summer - Jason Tinling
Hopper Noon - Richard Zieger
The Brushy in Summer - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Lift and Drop Revisited - Richard Zieger
Stillwaters - Fast Action - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
The Last 15 Minutes - Jason Tinling
Panfish Primer - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Noon Nymphing - Richard Zieger
Shutout - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Planting A Seed - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Texas Two Fly - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
My Place - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Blanco River, Another Hillfisher Adventure - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Not Just A Hobby - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Frustration, Thy Name is Carp - Jason Tinling
Wild Saturday - Richard Zieger
Hall of Mirrors - Jason Tinling
Bass Primer - Ron Griffith (RG)
San Gabriel Fly - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
First Fish . . .well - Jason Tinling
Of Lessons Learned - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
The Panfish and The Popper - A Love Story - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Tim's Bug - Timothy Dysinger
Doctor's Advice - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
BulletHead Diver - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Beginnings - Jason Tinling
Panfish, Bass and Catfish. Oh My! - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
It's Not Just About Fishing - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Snap Tandem Pickerel Fly: Perch - Brian Wiprud
Not Another Hopper - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
The Pompom Nymph (PPN) - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
The Winter Hatch and Panfish - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Mmmmmmuuuskky - Mark Lowden
One Chance - Jason Tinling
Fly Fishing IS For Everyone - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Flyfishing Adventures from a Kayak - Johnny (aka Hillfisher)
Fall Enjoyment
Bass or Panfish?
Which Fish?
An Hour's Diversion
A Little Sustenance
Going for the Gold
New Blood
Indian Summer
That *%&*% Bass
Sunday Afternoon
These are the Days . . .
Fly or Bait Fishing?
Four Spots, Four Fish, Forget it!
And a Side of Duckweed, Please
A Lazy, Hazy Afternoon
Gill Gumdrops
Share the Fun
Ponds Are NOT Small Lakes
Adversary Pike
Bloody Mary
A Different Retrieve for Panfish
Fly Fishing for Strawberry Bass, Part 2
Fly Fishing for Strawberry Bass
Popper and Panfish: Great Topwater Action!
Do Largemouth Bass Eat Bluegills?
Largemouth Bass in Spring
Black and White Streamer (Bass)
Super Silver Minnow
Chris's Crawfish
Releasing Panfish
Fly Rodding for River Bluegills
Big Bluegills
First Memories
AEP Recreation Lands
Dapper Man
Sitting on the Rock, Part 2
Sitting on The Rock, Part 1
Quarry - Catfish!
Bluegills Up The Wazoo
Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas
Fly Fishing, Handicapped Style
Reading Lake Maps
Tactics for Late Summer - Panfish
Flies for Texas (and elsewhere)
Fishing for Rock Bass
Rock Bass
Small Mouth Magic
In Memory Of . . .
Ephi-, er, um, Ephemedro, Ah heck, Mayflies!
Email Bag
Another Time
Didja Know?
Walleye on a Fly
Clouser Revisted-Reader Input
Following My Own Advice
Tap's Bug
Poppers 101, Conclusion
Poppers 101, Part 4
Panfish Food
Poppers 101, Part 3
Poppers 101, Part 2
Poppers 101, Part 1
Yoga, Tai Chi, and the Art of Fly Casting
Catching Spawning Crappies
A Big Fish for a Small Boat
Das Boat, or Fritz's Baptismal
Looking at Legs,
Don't Wait for Spring
Fries and Flies
Mail Bag
The Bass That Wasn't
BLUEGILLS . . . a brief description
Catch Bull Bluegills on Flies, Part 2
Catch Bull Bluegills on Flies, Part 1
Build a Float Buddy
An Affair With Bluegills
Tie a few, fish a lot!!
The Resting Pool
Come On Boys, Let's Go Fishin'!
Snap Tandems For Pickerel
Jump-fishing for White Bass
Tips for Spawning White Bass
Tips for White Bass
Where to Find White Bass
All About White Bass
Get Your Stuff Together For The Fall Run
Update on the Monster
When A Good River Goes Bad
Casting For Those Small Species
Smallmouth, Concluded
Smallmouth, Part 3
More on Smallmouth
Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Conclusion Summer Bream
Summer Bream [Bluegills]
Bream in Spring, Conclusion
Bluegills [Bream] in Spring, (Continued)
Even More Bluegill Fishing [Bream]
More Bluegill Fishing [Bream]
More on Sunfish [ Bream]
Redbreast Sunfish [Bream]
Garden Hackle Revisited
Spring Bass
Worm Flies?
Largemouth Bass Fishing, Part 5
Moby Dick Northern
Full Moon Fever
Teaching a Youngster to Fly Fish
Early Spring Observations
Largemouth Bass, Part 4
Largemouth Bass, Part 3
Largemouth Bass, Part 2
Largemouth Bass, Part 1
The Controversy Continues
Feedback On Crappies
Sources and Resources
Crappies and Light Colored Flies
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He's Back . . .
The List
The Neophyte's Question
This Thing Called Weather, er, Whether, uhmm, No, Weather
Packing It In For The Winter
"Winter (or Year 'Round) Reading Material"
"Walleyes On The Fly"
"Selective Fish?"
"Fall Small Mouth"
"Differences in Pike & Muskie"
"Still Hunting, Foul Weather and Fouled Streams"
"Pike & Muskie Basics"
"A Personal Vendetta"
"Variation On A Theme"
"Breaking the Rules"
"Mud Wrestling With Monsters"
"Bullet Proof Idea"
"Just One Of Those Days"
"Hot Times On The Ol' River Bank"
"Panfish Heyday"
"White Bass"
"The Best Time to Go Flyfishing"
"Slightly Larger Than A Pan (Or a Bread Box)"
"Small Mouth Bassin' With A Fly"
"Kids and Fly Fishing"
"Slightly Larger Than "Panfish"
"Panfish Were Created For Children"
"Crappie Fun On The Fly"
"Fine Wine Means Great Poppers!"
"Panfish Junkie!"

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