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Friday Noon Hour With Joe Hyde

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

It is May 19, 2006. Joe had contacted me earlier about coming up and fishing with me over the noon hour. He had the day off and thought it would be fun. He sure did pick the right day. Yesterday was about 55 degrees with a 25 mph wind. Today it was about 70 degrees and very little breeze.

We met at the lake and went to one of the jetties. It took a few casts before we got onto what needed to be used. The streamer nymph (Ricks Favorite Crappie Flies in the panfish archives) had been working well for me for the last few days. I got a few fish on it but nothing like I thought should happen.

I changed to the other rod with the White Boa Yarn Leech on it. The fly had barely hit the water when a crappie took it. Same thing on the next cast. I told Joe to get one on and the fun would happen.

The crappie are really starting to come in. Today while we were there I saw the first crappie move up against the rocks along the jetty. I think that it finally got warm enough for them to do this. When they are up like that then there are a lot of fish near the jetty staging to spawn.

Joe was fishing with his 00 wt. He did let me try it and I can tell you that it is a sweet little rod. I caught a few fish on it and then we traded back. I will say that I am not sure that I can tell a lot of difference between his 00 wt and the 1 wt I built this winter. That may be due to my not being the best caster in the world. Also I did not have the 1 wt with me to try them side by side.

We may get a chance to do that in the future.

We continued to catch fish on the majority of our casts. Many times the fish would strike and we would miss the hook set. We also did a few of the LLRs(long line releases). I felt that we needed to do that to honor Anglerdave. He is the one that really taught me how to do that.

Joe did manage to hook into one very nice crappie. This fish was about 13 inches long. That is a very large fish for this lake. I think that we may have gotten a picture of it on Joe's camera.

We caught a few more fish and then I needed to head back the office and leave Joe to the lake to catch a few more fish.

He was thinking about launching his canoe and seeing what he could do. It was a fun lunch hour to spend with a good friend and catch a few fish. The folks in the boats were a little envious of us catching as many as we did, but they were very nice and stayed out of the area we were fishing.

Joe is going to stay at the lake until he gets a phone call from a friend. I hope he catches a bunch of them. I am also slightly envious that he has the day off when the fish are really coming in.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick

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