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Our Own Worst Enemies

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

Pogo long ago said "We have met the enemy and he is us." I think we fall in to this trap and have a tendency to perpetuate it by our own actions. Let me explain what I mean by this and I expect some discussion to come out of this.

Every warm water fly fisher I have talked to very much gets around to the point that warm water fly fishing does not get much attention in most circles. There are not many magazine articles about warm water fly fishing and there is not much advertised for it in fly fishing catalogues. Rods are usually listed as trout/panfish. The panfish flies in the catalogues are usually poppers of some sort.

There was a thread on this board about the demise of the "Warm-Water" fly fishing magazine. Everyone missed it and wished it was back in print. The explanation at the time for the demise was that there were not advertising dollars to keep it going. The producers of products who advertised in the magazine did not feel they were getting the return for their dollar. They felt that warm-water fly-fishers did not use and/or buy much high end equipment. Whether that is true or not is another matter.

What really brings me to write this is the thread that is on the warm-water area of the Bulletin Board now.

The question was asked of where bluegill flies could be bought. A good question and nothing wrong with the question.

I will admit having some trouble with some of the responses to that question. There were several answers to just use trout flies. I know that many of the trout flies will work to take panfish. I know that some of them work very well, at times. I also know that there are times when other flies work even better.

I also know from being in a multitude of swaps that there are many flies which have been made to use for panfish specifically. Most of the flies that are in my Favorites articles came in from swaps. The problem is that these are not commercially available. It is very hard to get commercial places to stock and sell panfish flies. They do not seem to feel it is worth the space and effort to sell flies for panfish.

I do know there are several flies that work very well for crappie that are not tied commercially. I would not want to give these up to fish with flies that are usually tied for trout.

There are numerous bluegill patterns that I would not give up.

The point of my "rant" is that if we want warm-water fly-fishing to be recognized and have products developed for it that we will have to make the demand for them ourselves. Instead of suggesting using trout flies for bluegills, suggest the folks look for tiers who would make them some flies.

Here on FAOL is a good place to look for help on the Warm-Water board. This website has two articles a week on warm water subjects. This is more than you will see any other place. There are a few other web sites that are specifically for warm-water fly-fishing. You can find them easily by typing in warm water in Google.com.

You are free to agree or disagree with me on this. The sport and the board are large enough to handle it. The main thing is to have the freedom to express your opinion.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick

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