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Rainy Saturday

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa
I woke up on a Saturday morning to a rain storm. There was thunder and lightening all around us. I decided that it was not a good time to try to hit a pond. Later in the day the rain stopped and I decided to head out. The number of ponds was limited because of the rain. I would have to pick one that had a good road into it.

I went to one that fit this description. The only thing is that this pond sits in a valley that was funneling the wind. With the size of the waves on the pond I decided that the canoe was staying on the rack. I swim like a rock, so I don't take any chances.

I decided to fish along the one shore that I know has a drop off about 10 feet out that drops about 5 feet. The water goes from four feet to nine feet in about a three-foot distance. I thought I might find a few fish swimming along this break line.

I had a black leech pattern, boa yarn on the one rod and on the other I decided to put a white woolly bugger on it. I went with the woolly bugger first and cast it out about 30 feet. Not bad for the head wind that was coming in at about 20 mph. I slowly moved this fly in. I had it near the breakline when the line moved forward. I had a foot long bass on the line. I released this fish back into the pond.

I continued to cast and got a few more bass on each fly. I decided to change to other flies and try things again. I put on a white peacock sword tail nymph and a Gilly (Ricks favorites in the panfish archives) to try. I went with the white fly first.

The wind was beginning to blow harder and it was starting to sprinkle a little bit. I was having a harder time getting the flies out far enough to get the retrieve I felt would be needed to catch anything. I need to practice more into the wind casting for the times I can't use the canoe.

When I could get either fly out far enough to be able to retrieve it about 10 feet before it hit the breakline, I was catching a crappie. These fish were about 7 inches long, but beggars can't be choosers. I had about 8 fish when the clouds cut loose and it was a downpour. I decided that I had a good raincoat and that I might catch some more fish.

I did continue to catch fish and was not really paying any attention to the rain. I got to the point where I wanted to shake my arm out, to relax it after casting for a while. When I dropped my arm, the water ran out of the sleeve of the rain jacket. I guess the waterproofing had worn out and I was drenched. With a flu bug going around I decided that maybe I should head home.

I did have 21 crappie to take care of when I got home. Fortunately I had left my wallet in the pickup so it was not wet, but everything else was. In fact after I left it rained harder. We ended up with more than 3 inches. A great help to the crops.

It was still a fun day and I hope to get back to the pond and try again. Maybe next time I won't get soaked.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

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