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Mortal Saturday

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa
For those of you who may think that I am more than mortal, this one is for you. This is fishing on the second Saturday in June. We had gully washing rain showers in the week ahead of this. I knew that I would never get into any of the ponds that I normally drive to. So it was time to decide what pond to walk into.

This poses a few problems, as there are a few folks that I don't want to know what pond I am going into. If they find out, then they hit the pond very hard for bass and mess up the balance that has been established in the pond. They keep going back until they don't catch any more decent size bass. Takes a long time to get the pond back in balance.

I finally decided on a pond and left early in the morning. Got to the area where the pond was and found that one field had cows in it. I don't like to cross fields with those darn Brama's in it. I went about a mile farther on and headed for the pond. This way it is a longer hike, but there are fewer cars that go by this place.

Got into the pond and the wind started blowing. The front was not that far away. I did see that the pond was way up. This pond is used to water cattle and most of the time is not at the point where it would overflow. Water was gushing out of the drain pipe. There was about eight feet of grass at the edge of the pond that was a foot deep in water. This grass was about 5 feet tall. Time to be wet wading. That is part of the reason that I had an old, old pair of tennis shoes on. The kind that have more holes that material in them.

The wind was out of the west. The pond lies in an east - west orientation. The north side has trees planted all along the edge. This does not leave any room to cast. The dam is on the east end so I started casting from there. I tired 8 different flies with no luck. The water was looking like coffee with cream in it. I had visions of being skunked.

I moved to the south shore and started casting. When I could get the fly out about 30 ft, in the cross wind, I would get a strike. I did not land many of these fish. With the huge bow in the line it was hard to get good hook sets. Also all of the crappie came up and splashed on the surface. I had several fish on for a few seconds and then lost them.

I was going to stay longer, but I heard the rumble of thunder and said it was time to go. I did manage to get a dozen gills in. But with the muddy water and high wind speeds I felt that this was not too bad. I don't always get a ton of fish when I go out. I did not get rained on, but the storms stayed in the area. I was out for just over an hour, but it is better to be safe.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

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