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A Few Days Difference

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa
I went out to the lake the following Tuesday, Thursday and Friday noon hours, after having such a fantastic catching day on Saturday. The weather was about the same but it was noon instead of early morning. I went to the same general area that I had been to on Saturday. I could see fish near the bank in the spawning mode. I thought that I could maybe repeat the fishing of the previous Saturday. In my dreams.

I started off with the Streamer nymph and a Marabou Miss. The fish would not even look at them. I fished them slow and shallow, slow and deep, fast, jerky and other combinations of things that might happen. The fish would not even look at the flies. I changed to a Bead Body Minnow and a Thief. I thought that maybe darker flies would work (these are all in Ricks Favorite crappie flies in the panfish archives). No such luck. The fish would not even turn to look at them.

This happened on Tuesday. I just pitching the flies at them. I changed to a perch-a-bou and a Baby Doll to try. I finally caught a few fish on the perch-a-bou, but only when the fly was allowed to drop. No action just falling. It also had to be about 15 feet from the bank and away from where I was standing. I got 4 fish over the lunch hour.

I came back on Thursday hoping to do a little better than I had on Tuesday. I stayed with the Perch-a-bou and the Baby Doll, as they were the flies on the line. I tried the 'let the fly drop' thing first and nothing happened. I then slowly started to retrieve the fly and had a fish hit it when I started to bring it up out of the water. The place I was fishing has a shoreline with about a 60 degree angle to it. When the fly would get near there and I would start to bring it up the fish would hit it. It did not matter what fly I used it had to be retrieved deep, slow and the raised up as it got close to shore. I caught fish on 12 different flies, just to see what might work.

I did feel better as I was getting the fish to bite better than I had on Tuesday. I did see a lot of carp cruising along the shore. I changed to a woolly bugger and cast to these fish but had no luck. I still have not figured out how to catch carp consistently.

I went back out to the lake on Friday for the noon hour. My wife went with me to just watch and see what might happen. She got to meet one of the old geezers that was out there. He told me that he had not caught very many fish. I started doing the same things that I had before and nothing worked. I switched flies and retrieves. I tried everything that I could think of.

The whole time I was doing this my wife was telling the old geezer that she was bad luck for me. Every time that she came with me she said that I had trouble catching fish. I had a Streamer Nymph on and had cast it out. I decided to change the fly and was reeling in the line while keeping some tension on it with my fingers so it would be smooth on the reel. I had moved the fly about 5 feet when a crappie streaked up and hit the fly. This fish was hooked very deep.

I decided that if it worked once then I should try it again. I would have the fly just under the water and bring it in very smoothly, moving about 2 inches a second. The fish would flash from underneath the fly and smash it. I was curious so I had the old geezer cast with a tube jig with just a hook in it and retrieve the same way. The fish smashed that rig also.

It still surprises me some that the fish change that much from day to day. But that it was keeps it interesting also. I think I appreciate the fish I caught during the week more than those on the weekend. I had to work a little more to get them. I also know that I am blessed to have so many fertile ponds to go to. This ponds produce fish in huge numbers.

I did prove to my wife that I could catch fish while she was around.

Hope you an get out on the water. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

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