Part Thirty-six

Sources and Resources

By Randy Fratzke

I've noticed while I'm hosting in the chat room that many times I hear the same question asked over and over again. I'm sure that it's also asked of other hosts and other visitors. It usually starts out with "I have a broken...." or "I'm trying to find ....." or "I'm looking for an example of ...." (fill in the blanks). Much of the time it's because the person is new to the sport or new to tying or rod building or they're just unable to find a local shop in their area that handles a variety of products. Most of the time the host or someone in the room can steer the person to a source or a resource for what it is they are looking for, other times it's not so easy.

One source I often use is Black's Fly Fishing Book, published each year by James F. Black and Black's Sporting Directories. The book is a compilation of information of "who makes it", "who supplies it" and "who does it" in fly fishing. It lists over 1300 equipment companies, ranging from accessories to retailers to wholesalers in over 40 separate categories. It also lists over 80 Fly Fishing Schools and more than 500 instructors. Couple all of that information with a listing of over 500 lodges, outfitters and dealers, both stateside and world wide and you have one handy little reference guide! The most remarkable part about all of this is that the book still sells for under $15.00!

Ladyfisher gives a great online reference at They have quite a bit of info for flyfishing there. I know there are also many others out there, along with some really great books and literature.

What I'm proposing and have already talked it over with JC and Ladyfisher, who own this site, is that we set up an area as a sort of "clearing house" for sources and resources. If you know of a site, a book, a supplier that you think is really outstanding, do a short (sentence or two) write up on it, give the address, telephone number, title, author, publisher, URL, etc. for it and we can get it started. The biggest problem, so far, is finding a volunteer to help coordinate and organize all the expected information. So if you want to get more involved with the site, you have great organizational skills, and some time to spare let Ladyfisher know. In the mean time start writing down where you find your information, buy your best hackle for the best price, etc. Once we get the area built we'll put out the word where to send it and get the whole thing rolling!

Remember, we don't really want an "advertisement" for a business or a URL site and you're going to be given credit for submitting the information. What we really need is information for people. Other than that, I'm open to suggestions as to content.

Till next time, hope you have a great time fishing, tying and building.

~ Randy Fratzke

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