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Darn Wind Again

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa
I decided to head out early Saturday morning to a pond. I was trying to beat the wind that always seems to come up about 8:00 in the morning lately. The wind always seems to be blowing at least 25 mph. Not the best of conditions for my casting ability.

I was heading off to the Ringold County Game Preserve. There are two ponds you can drive right up to on gravel. I thought this would make it easier than trying to get into a few other ponds where folks are working the fields around them.

I was headed toward the pond when I saw the first deer. Caught the shine of the eyes in the headlights. I stopped to let the deer go. This did put me on edge a little to watch for them. I also slowed down some so I would be able to stop quicker. I saw two more groups on the six miles to the first intersection.

I know that as I head west again on the county road there are several belts of trees on the land in that area. I always see deer along this area early in the morning. I was doing about 40 mph when I had a car fly by me. He went about 30 yards in front of me and hit a deer. The deer ended up hitting his windshield. Fortunately the car stayed on the road.

It was also fortunate that the car had air bags that had deployed so the folks seemed not to be injured. I did tell them to stay in the car and headed off to a house near there to call the emergency personnel. I now the people who live there and the lady is a nurse. She came back to the car with me to look at the people.

All in all by the time everyone got there and the police got all the statements and reports they wanted it was a long time to get to the pond. I don't regret helping the folks at all.

It was about 7:30 before I got the canoe loaded and out onto the pond. By this time the wind was blowing about 15 mph. I decided to cast with the wind and work the tree tops sticking up out of the pond. The fish where there but they were hitting very lightly. I missed several and had several get off as they flipped around on the surface.

When this happens to me, I do try to go to a smaller fly, hoping that they will take it in a little deeper. This seemed to work for me a little better and I was hooking more fish. It seemed to be more efficient to cast about three feet out from the limbs that were sticking up out of the water. If I cast right to the limb the fish would not hit until I was a little father out.

I was using a Streamer Nymph (in Ricks favorite crappie flies in the archives). This worked for about the first hour and then the wind got stronger. This fly did not work any more so I changed. I change to a Perch-a-bou (in the archives also) because it has bead chain eyes. I thought that it might drop down in the water column a little farther and stay there.

This worked well and I also started to pick up some gills. The fish continued to hit the fly very lightly and with the stronger wind it was getting harder to detect the strikes. I got to the point where I started to false strike at times, just to see if there was a fish there. I will also admit to doing some blind casting around the pond. This picked up a fair number of fish for me.

Finally the wind got to me. It got up to about 40 mph and I just don't like to be out in the canoe with the wind that high. I worked my way around the edge of the pond to get back where the pickup was.

As I headed home, they were just starting to tow the car that had hit the deer. Still I had several fish and we had some good eating from the fillets.

Hope you can get out on the water. I also hope the wind slows down. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

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