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Darn Cold Front

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa
I had a ton of things to do so it was Sunday afternoon before I got a chance to get out to a pond. The rain we had at the end of last week made it impossible to get into a lot of the ponds that I normally go to. Decided to go to a pond that has gravel right up to the edge.

The temperature had finally got above 50 degrees. The wind was blowing between 25 and 30 mph. But the conditions were better than they had been Saturday. Got everything into the canoe and got out on the pond and anchored, facing into the wind. Picked a spot where I knew there was water that sloped to about three feet deep and then dropped off to about 6 feet deep on a fairly sharp break. Thought that fish might be somewhere along this breakline.

Tried the new 3 wt rod I built but the wind was to much for my poor casting skills.

Changed to a 6 wt that I had with me and could get about 30 feet of line out. I would let the fly drop and then let the wind push it back to me. I had to try to keep the line taunt while watching the end of the line for bites. This did not work very well for a while.

I finally pointed the rod almost straight out in front of me and near the surface of the water. That way I could see the line at the rod tip and then where it joined the leader. It was then the problem of detecting strikes. The end of the line was moving all the time with the wave action.

The water was a little discolored and fairly cool. I had messed around with a fly that I wanted to try to see how it worked in dingy water. I figured this was a good day. I tied it on a size 10 streamer hook. Tail of peacock swords. Rear hackle was a grizzly color. The body was peacock herl with red floss twisted into a rope. I put a wing of silver krystal flash on and then used a orangish hackle I picked up at SowBug to finish the fly at the front. I also had a small beadhead on it to get it down in the water column a little faster. I figured that this might push more water and be a little more interesting to fish.

I would cast this up near the shore and then watch as the wind pushed the line back toward me. I had several strikes that I missed. I did manage to hook a few fish. These fish were barely hooked behind the lips. They just were not being aggressive. I did try some other flies but nothing seemed to interest them much unless it was very bushy.

I did see one fish come up and hit the fly. My guess is that the fish weredeeper than the fly and with the bushiness of this fly they could see it up above them. They were not doing it hard or very fast. It was several casts between each fish that I caught.

I ended up coming home with 17 gills and one crappie. I know that I had many more fish hit that I did not see. Still, it was fun to be out and to have some success.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

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