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Cool Sunday

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa
This weekend was not nearly as nice as last weekend. The temperatures were lower and I had many more things that needed to be done. I did not think that I would be able to get out this weekend.

We got home about 1:45 pm on Sunday. My wife said that I had the look of needing to go to a pond. She said that was fine as her sister wanted her to go some place with her. Worked out well for both of us. I can still get everything loaded in less than 10 minutes.

I got to a pond that I have not been to for a while. We have been dry enough, long enough, that I can get in now. Got everything unloaded and set up to get out on the pond. The water is up about four feet in this pond from the last time I was in it. They raised the drainage pipe so that the pond would hold more water. It is now probably where it should have been in the first place.

I started working my way around the pond from the dam end. I was staying about 35 feet out from the shore and casting to the shore and slowly retrieving. I had the white fly from last week on one rod and put a black marabou leech on the other rod. I had a few light taps but that was it for any action.

On one of the casts I had the fly near the canoe when I saw the gill come up and mouth the fly. He caught the tail some and pulled on that, but not anywhere near where I could hook him. I decided to watch and see if anything else would happen. As the fly dropped the fish followed it for a few inches and then inhaled the fly. This was a solid hookup that took forceps to get the fly out.

On the next cast I had another thump and just let the fly drop. I waited a few seconds and then saw the line move. I was into another bluegill. It seems that they would hit the fly but wanted it to drop before they tried to really take it in.

I moved on around the pond and picked up a few fish here and a few fish there. I did hook several crappie, but they were rolling on the fly and I lost most of them before they got to the canoe.

It was strange but this week the fly had to be black for the fish to hit it. I had very few hits on the white fly. The water temperature was the same as the previous weekend. The fish were not as aggressive, even with the same water temperature.

The wind started to come up, but I was still catching fish. I got around on the pond to the point where I was headed back toward the dam. It sure is nice with the anchoring system Joe Hyde came up with to drop the front anchor and be able to pull it up without my hands getting wet.

I know I was fishing along a drop off that is fairly sharp and about 5 feet in depth. When I could keep the fly near this edge, I would catch a fish. This was with very slow retrieves. But it is the middle of March and I am catching fish. If it needs to be slow that I can do. The wind started picking up and the temperatures were dropping. I was not wearing that heavy of a jacket and it started to get cold. I decided to head home as I would also have to fillet some fish.

The temperature was dropping about a degree every 15 minutes. The wind continued to pick up speed. It got to be fairly cool to clean the fish. I did take time to study the stomach contents and there was nothing there that I could identify. I caught 23 male gills, 1 male crappie and 1 female crappie. I had lost many more crappie. I had also turned back between 18 and 24 bass that were about a foot long.

It was fun to get out and catch a few fish. They will make some good eating.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

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