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Second Time with Angler Dave

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa
Angler Dave and I had made arrangements to meet on Saturday afternoon and go fishing again. We knew mid October is not the best time and the temperatures were supposed to be down some. Also there was a fairly stiff wind blowing, but then you can't always control the weather and the best time to go fishing is when you can.

Angler Dave got to the house at 1:00 PM and we headed off for the pond. I was trying to decide which pond would be the best. We needed one that would break some of the wind. Got to the pond I finally decided on and we got all of our stuff arranged. I think the wind was blowing between 20 and 30 mph. As long as we stayed on the south side of the pond the wind was not as bad.

We anchored and started to cast. Neither of us had any luck with any flies that we tried. After two or three changes of flies Angler Dave is grumbling that he may have to go to his beloved Woolly Bugger. We move to another spot and continue to cast, without success. We move again after about 10 minutes of casting.

I have gone through several of my favorite flies and have not had any success. I have fished high and low in the water column. I have fished fast, slow, smoothly retrieved and herky-jerky retrieves. Nothing has worked, so it is time to get experimental.

I tie on a red marabou leech pattern (red marabou feather tied on with the tip as a tail, the rest of the feather twisted and then looped with the thread a few times and wrapped around the hook with a beadhead). This is a bright fly that the fish might see at a longer distance. I am bringing this fly over a drop off when I feel some weight and set the hook. It is a bass that is 10 - 12 inches long, but it is the first fish.

I tell Angler Dave that I was tired of being polite and just decided to catch fish. I had waited long enough for him to catch the first fish and had given up on him. A few casts later I hook another bass and Angler Dave starts picking on me. He tells me he has Clousers in his box that are bigger than this fish. The fly I catch the fish on is almost bigger than the fish. I do tell him that I can see the title of an article as being, "Rick ___ fish, Angler Dave zip." He did laugh at that, but there was a little maniacal sound to it.

The wind was beginning to decrease in velocity so we moved to the north side of the pond. This way we could cast into the wind some and be over a breakline. This might help us some. I did not do much with the red fly so I changed to a white Peacock Sword Tail Nymph (Ricks Favorite Bluegill Flies). I had not tried a white fly and that might be the color for the day.

I cast, with the wind, and put the fly within 6 inches of shore. When the fly was out about 6 to 8 feet from shore I felt some weight on the line and set the hook. I had a fairly nice gill on the line. After a few more minutes and nothing happening we moved down the shore a little ways. I caught another gill up near the shore and was riding Angler Dave a bit about this. Some comments on things like "Rick 4, Dave zip". I will tell you that I did offer to let him use the fly that I had on but he was still trying to find something that would work.

We continued to cast and Dave finally tangled with a gill. I think it was some sort of comment about not listening to his guide anymore. We moved on down the shore again to see if our luck would change.

I decided to change flies and went to a modified Hares Ear that I have tied. I tie orange feather quills across the hook shank under where the thorax will be to act as gills. I also use red turkey tail feather quills for the wingcase. This was a size 10 with a copper bead head on it. On about the third cast I had another gill hit the fly.

Angler Dave had a couple gills hit a "bee" type pattern that he had been given. I had a crappie hit the Hares Ear. Then we could not get another fish to be interested. It was about 5 PM by this time and we decided that might be a good time to quit.

We did not catch many fish, but we had a good time being together. Angler Dave was very gracious in taking all the ribbing I was giving him about not catching any fish. We did catch enough to have fillets for a couple of meals.

Just before Dave left, we stopped at my office so I could show him the punches I have and give him a few bodies that I have made with them. He also has a few dyed turkey and pheasant tail and body feathers to use for tying colored PTN and midges.

If you get a chance to fish with Angler Dave, take it as it will be a very enjoyable time. He is a very nice person.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick

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