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Fishing with Kevin Slater

By Rick Zieger, Iowa ziegeria@grm.net

Kevin made it down to fish with me. We went out to one of my favorite ponds. Had not been to this pond since I went out with David. We got to it a little after 8:00 am. No wind and a little activity on the surface.

We got everything loaded into the canoe and got out on the pond. Kevin called it a lake. I have a Peacock sword tail nymph and a black bug on. Kevin had tied on a few flies. We started casting just after we got out beyond the weed line. Kevin was very nice to me and let me catch the first four fish.

At that point he wanted to know if I had another fly like the one I was using. I gave him one and we continued around the pond. We caught several fish and had several fish hit that we either did not hook well or they managed to get off the hook. Kevin also managed to tie into several small bass.

Since neither of us was used to fishing with another fly fisherman in the canoe we did manage to tangle lines a few times. We even tried to not cast at the same time but that did not work. If you see a rise or have just missed a fish then your are casting back there immediately, none of this waiting around stuff. Kevin also did not see the number of times I tangled my line and did other such talented gyrations. I saw his, but then he was in the front of the canoe.

We moved around the pond getting a few fish here and a few fish there. Most of the fish we caught were high in the water column. I tired fishing deeper but ended up not catching as many.

Kevin did go to a popping bug and was getting bass and gills to take that. I was still subsurface, trying to see if any crappie were interested. Not much happened on that scene.

We had moved around the pond to where there is a tree growing on the west bank of the pond. I got Kevin to cast to the left side of that with a popping bug. He had a very nice bass hit the fly.

I tried to back out away from the shore but the bass buried itself in the weeds. We tried to move up to get it but in the process the leader broke. I am not sure that Kevin doesn't think that I did that deliberately, as it was the biggest fish of the day. I did tell him that I set him up on this because there is usually a bass hanging out somewhere near that tree most of the time.

We did work around the pond some more but the fishing slowed down and we finally decided that we both were thirsty and it was time to get something to drink. We headed off the pond and got all the stuff in the pick up and the canoe loaded.

I showed my tying room to Kevin and he said it was worse than his. At least I know where everything is. We had spent about five hours out on the pond.

Kevin headed off to go home and I worked on the fish. We came back with 71 gills and two crappie. I am sure with the fish that I dropped and the bass that we released that we had over a hundred fish day.

I know that I had a great time fishing with Kevin. He is a very nice man and a great fishing companion. We had met earlier in the year at SowBug. I hope to get to fish with him again. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

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