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Rick's Favorite Bluegill Flies,
Part 1

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

This is my list of my twelve favorite bluegill flies. These are the ones that I use most of the time. I also use a black bugger and an olive bugger but I left those off the list to show another flies that I use as much or maybe more.

Black Foam Spider

The first is a Black Foam Spider. I am not sure if anyone else ties them this way.

    Materials Black Foam Spider

    Hook - Hook size 6 or 8 Aberdeen.

    Body - Foam from Netcraft.

    Legs - Rubber hackle through foam body with a darning needle.

I run a darning hook thru the foam and then run the eye of the hook through that channel. This way the fly can be used over weeds easily. Pull the eye of the hook back into the foam, turn the hook over, so the barb is above the foam. I let this fly set for a long time before moving it. This foam also comes in white and I use white rubber legs on those.


The Gilly is a fly that I ran onto in a book that I can not recall. I catch more gills with it than any other fish, but I have caught bass and crappie on it.

Materials Gilly

    Hook - size 8.

    Thread - Black.

    Tail - Green mallard.

    Body - 2/3 gold floss 1/3 red floss.

    Wing - Blue mallard wing.

    Hackle - Black.

This fly has blue peacock body feather barbs for the wing. I also tie this with a bead head and let the fish dictate how fast to retrieve this fly.

McReys Honey

The next fly is the McReys Honey.

Materials Streamer Nymph

    Hook - size 8 to 14.

    Thread - Yellow.

    Body - Yellow floss.

    Rib - Silver tinsel.

    Thorax - 2 turns orange chenille, I use fine chenille to tie this.

    Hackle - Badger.

I am surprised by how many fish take this fly. I fish it very slowly and more in the shallow water than over deeper water. I rarely use it over water than is less than six feet deep.

Peacocksword Nymph

The next one is the Peacock Sword Nymph. I tie this fly in a variety of colors and they all work better on some days than others.

This can be tied with a bead head. I fish this fly fairly deep and very slowly. I have this fly with a red, green yellow, orange, black, brown, grey and white bodies. I have also tied this fly with an emu feather for the body and skipped the hackle.

Materials Peacock Sword Nymph

    Hook - Hook size 6 to 10.

    Thread - To match body.

    Tail - 4 peacock swords.

    Body - Ostrich herl choice of color.

    Hackle - Any soft hackle feather.

Skip Morris Panfish Fly

The next is the Skip Morris Panfish fly. This is a generic sort of thing as the colors can be changed very easily.

Materials Skip Morris Panfish Fly

    Hook - Size 8 - 12.

    Body - Red floss.

    Rib - Silver cord.

    Wing - Black marabou over red marabou.

    Eyes - Bead chain eyes.

I have about six different color combinations of this and the fly produces consistently for me. I let the fish dictate how fast to retrieve this fly as it changes all the time for me. This fly is tied on a curved nymph hook. I like this as it leaves more room for the hook point under the marabou wing.

Bee Popper

The next is a little popper that I make out of foam disks. I cut the foam disks and then rubber cement them together. I drill a small hole through the foam and then glue it on the hook. I run rubber hackle legs through the foam with a darning needle. I let this fly set for long periods on the pond surface. It works a little better on days when there is a slight breeze. The black and yellow has worked the best for me. Look likes a bee, the other color combinations are not as successful.

The final six for Bluegills next time.

I hope that you can get out on the water. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

Next Time: 6 More of Rick's Favorite Bluegill Flies!

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