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Rick's Favorite Crappie Flies
Part 2

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

Cyperts Minnow

It took me over a year to figure out how to tie this fly the first time. It is a Cyperts Minnow. I finally got a picture of it online and then it was simple.

    Materials Cyperts Minnow

    Hook - size 6 to 10.

    Eyes - Bead chain eyes.

Chenille looped over eye and tied a bend on each side in choice of color; mylar tubing over the hook eye and then flat on top and bottom of the fly with the tubing frayed for a tail.

I have these tied in six different colors and they all work. Let the fish tell you how fast to retrieve this fly.


I know there are some purists that will not like the Flasher, but I sure do. I received this fly in a swap, liked the way it looked, tied a few and caught fish with them in a few days.

Materials Flasher

    Hook - size 6

    Flasher - size 00 blade on a loop of monofilament that is covered with thread wraps on the hook shank.

    Body - is flat silver mylar wrapped over the thread with super glue on it.

    Wing - craft fur. I also use luminescent white yarn for the wing.

This fly is fished at the speed that just keeps the blade moving a little. I will pause it at times. The fish really dictate how they want this fly to move.

Streamer Nymph

The Streamer Nymph is one of my very favorite flies. I am not sure why it works but when all else is not working this is the fly I tie on.

Materials Streamer Nymph

    Hook - size 6 to 10.

    Thread - Orange.

    Tail - Tan marabou.

    Body - Tan antron wrapped thin.

    Wing - silver or pearly krystal flash.

I also tie some of these with bead heads to get a little deeper. This fly is fished very slowly. I think the orange thread shows through the antron and looks like a blood line in an insect.


The Stickle Back is a fly that works very well at times. I am not sure why it does not always work but that is why it is fishing and not catching.

Materials Stickleback

    Tail - Green feather with barbs off part of one side.

    Body is white chenille wrapped with the feather over the chenille and thin black chenille on each side of the feather.

Attach the feather at the bend before the body material goes on. This fly is fished slowly.

Baby Doll Variant

The last of the twelve is a Baby Doll Variant.

Materials Baby Doll Variant

    Tail - red yarn.

    Body - yellow chartreuse chenille.

    Back - flat silver mylar.

I fish this fly very slowly after letting in drop to the depth that I want. This is on a size 6 or 8 hook. Use yellow thread.

This is my list of my crappie favorites. I do have a couple of flies that I saw at Sow Bug that I think just might get onto the list but I have not fished with them yet. If you have another fly please let me know.

I did not put on a white wooly bugger as these other flies out fish it for me. That may be a matter of confidence. I end up going to the flies that I trust more to catch fish as I think we all do.

I hope that you can get out on the water. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

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