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Two Left Feet

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

I had not been able to get to tye any flies for about two weeks as I was doing things on the computer. You know those fun things of loading new programs and doing all the little things to make them work. It was so much fun.

Any how I finally sat down to tie some flies for a swap. The first fly I had to put the thread on twice because I somehow did not wrap it on well enough and when I let go of the bobbin, it hit the floor. I pulled some marabou off a stem and promptly dropped more than half of it. I decided to wrap what I had with a few wraps and then take more off. I was not going to try to put together what I had dropped. Finally got it on and it stayed pretty well in place.

I was doing fifteen flies and to put a black marabou tail on with a few pieces of crystal flash took me almost 40 minutes. I was twisting the tail around the shank. I would have it fall off because I had not got the butt ends even. Anything that could happen did and a few more I think.

I was going to be smart and cut them off one at a time, put the beads on the hook and then reattach the tail. I have done this before but this was not my day to get something like that to work. After five attempts my patience came to an end, faster than with the thread spool, and I just cut them off into the trash can.

I then worked on putting six glass seed beads on each hook. If you think I had trouble with the marabou this was a real hoot. I stuck my fingers more than I got beads on the hook. I was determined that this was going to get done. I probably would have been better off to quit and do it another time, but I don't always do the bright thing.

Finally put a sheet of construction paper down and poured the beads out on that. Then I could get the beads onto the hook shank. Then it was back to getting the tails on the flies. I decided that it was probably best if instead of laying everything out in piles for each fly and messing them up, but I would do one at a time.

I finally got them done but it took about 3.5 hours for what would normally be an hour to put the beads and tails on.

I did give up and picked up a book to read. Thought that I might do a better job at that.

I did tie some nymphs two days later and did much better. Hopefully I will finish the other flies in a few days with fewer problems.

I hope your tying goes smoother than mine did that day and that you can get out on the water. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

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