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Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

I went out for another of my normal noon fishing expeditions. The place I usually fish had someone at it so I headed for one of the fishing jetties on the main lake. I was not sure that I would catch anything as the lake is so big (788 acres).

I started casting, letting the fly drop about three feet and then slowly retrieving it in. I was using a royal coachman variation. I used yellow beads for the body and the wing was from some luminescent yarn. I had been casting for about 10 minutes, with no success.

I moved up the jetty about 15 feet and tried again. I had the wind behind me so my casts were a little longer than normal. I do pay attention to where my casts land so I can try to duplicate them if I catch a fish. On my third cast I saw the line twitch and I had a crappie on the line. I released this fish and cast out again.

It was a nice surprise that the fly landed in just about the same place it had the last time. The fly had dropped about two feet when I saw the line twitch. I had another crappie of the same size. I thought I might be onto something. My next cast, as is normal, landed about five feet to the side. I let it drop but nothing happened, even as I retrieved the fly.

I cast again and hit close to the original spot. Again when the fly had dropped about two feet I had another crappie hit. It turned out that every time I could get the fly to hit in an area, about three feet by three feet, I would get a strike. It I was a few feet away from this spot then nothing would happen.

I did look at the fish to make sure I was not catching the same fish each time. I could not tell that I had caught the same fish a second time. All of the crappie were about seven inches long, which is the normal for the lake.

I had noticed a few boats out on the lake, over the deeper water. It looked like they were deep jigging or drifting to try to find fish. I had not noticed them catching any fish but I was not paying too much attention to them.

The next thing I knew there was a boat heading toward where I was fishing at a fairly good speed. He cut his speed at the last minute and had a big wave shove out in front of him just before he stopped right over where I had been catching the fish.

Needless to say I was not happy about this. Much to my wife's regret, there are times that I don't, maybe can't, keep my mouth shut. I told him that he was a jerk for parking right on top of where I was catching fish. He said that he wanted to catch fish and would park any **** place that he wanted to.

Needless to say the fish were gone. I was also so perturbed that I thought I had better leave as the fun was gone out of the experience. As I started to leave, he asked me what I had been using to catch the fish. I told him a hook with material on it at the end of a fly-fishing outfit. There are times that I am not helpful at all.

He told me where to go and how to do it as I went there. He also showed me his IQ (1). He said that he was going to come to the shore and beat some sense into my head. At this point things started to get funny. When he came to this spot, something happened and his motor would not start. I did watch him as he tried to do this and it was very funny. Then next thing I knew, he was telling me that I should catch the rope and pull him around to the dock.

I replied that I did not take orders and that he needed time to sit and reflect. I got in my truck and left. I did stop up the road where the Conservation Officer lives and told him what was happening. When I described the boat and owner, he knew who it was. He told me he would go down after he finished the job he was doing.

The part that I like to remember was that I did find a place to catch fish. I wish the other stuff had not happened, but I can't control folks much. I hope you don't meet any of his relatives in the fishing world.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

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