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Hooks and Materials

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

I got into a rare cleaning mood today. I decided I needed to organize a few things on my tying desk. You have to understand that this used to be the desk of a bank president. It is fairly large, but I have stuff all over it.

I had acquired some rectangular plastic containers and thought that I would get similar materials together. I started by putting several of the containers on the floor and putting wet fly hackle in one, dry fly hackle in another, skins of pheasants and grouse ect in another. I just kept doing this.

I did find a few things I did not remember that I had. When I got all of this sorted out, I then organized each container so that the materials would be easier to find when I wanted to lay my hands on them.

I then put these out in the hallway and started on the next round of materials. I have more marabou and chenille than I remember getting. I think part of it comes from a few folks who have seen what I use to tie flies and pick up any of these materials that they find at auctions and salvage stores. I have a container of long stemmed marabou and one of short stemmed marabou.

I have chenille in three different sizes and I think four different kinds.

I then got these organized as to colors in each container by putting them in plastic bags.

I then did this with the thread that I have and with the ribbons and tinsel that I have picked up at various places. I have a couple containers for each of these.

I then put the pipe cleaner materials, foam, and other assorted materials each into their own container. I had received some plastic tubes previously from another tier that I put all my flash materials into. These went into one container.

One big container got all of my Halloween hair and craft fur pieces. One container got all of the stuff that did not fit into any of these categories.

What I then had left was a whole bunch of boxes containing hooks. I had found a couple of sacks that had boxes of hooks in them that I could not remember in the least. I said something about this and my office Assistant/technician said that someone had brought them in and she had just tossed the sacks "onto the mess." I had been give 500 Mustad nymph hooks from size 6 to 12.

Another sack had 11 boxes of Eagle Claw hooks that had been opened and some of the hooks used. Someone had gotten them in an estate sale in a box and had no use for them. These were wet and dry fly hooks from size 4 to 20.

There was a box that had come in the mail sometime from a person who had been a salesman that called on my office. He was starting to fly fish a little and I gave him some flies. He had called me and asked if I ever used Aberdeen Hooks. When I said yes he e-mailed me a picture of some hooks and asked if I wanted them. I e-mailed back and said yes. I ended up with 15 boxes of Aberdeen hooks from size 6 to 12.

When I got all of these hooks out and divided by types, I decided that I would have to split them up by size also. I have five containers with hooks; three for wets and two for dries. I may not have to buy a hook for a couple of weeks.

In fact I don't need to buy very many materials for a while until I get some of the things on hand used up. Of course if some great new material comes out, I might just have to break down and get it. Then there are those feathers that I don't have that I use on a couple of patterns. I also need some fine mylar to tie a crappie pattern that I had sent to me.

I guess I had better go get some more containers. I hope you don't have any problems with your materials, and that you always keep them organized.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick ziegeria@grm.net

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