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Part Twenty-seven

Winter (or Year 'Round) Reading Material

By Randy Fratzke

Seldom do I find myself promoting a company product. I refuse to wear shirts with somebody's logo smeared across the chest (or even a little alligator for that matter) or a pair of pants that has a name stitched across the butt, or shoes with a neon name blazing loudly down the sides. Some people think of it as a status symbol, that's their right.

I seldom recommend one technique or style over another because what works for some people does not work at all for others. I also seldom recommend reading material or magazines because everyone seems to have different tastes. But, I'm going to make an exception in this case. Not because I'm getting paid to do it ('cause I'm not), not because of the advertisers in the magazine (because there aren't that many), but because I have finally found a magazine that I think is worth the money for the subscription! "Warmwater Fly Fishing," published by Abanaki Publishers, Inc., Bennington, VT.

Premier Issue 1997

I have to admit, I used to subscribe to about six 'fishing/fly fishing/fly tying/rod building' magazines. In the last couple of years I've canceled almost all of them. Most became more advertisements for companies products than actual information. I recently ordered a subscription to the magazine more out of curiosity than anything else. The price for the subscription is what I call "mid-range", $19.95 per year for six issues. What surprised me was the content, which covers all kinds of warm water fly fishing, coupled with great photography, coupled with detailed information. That's a lot to ask for in one magazine. The December / January issue is their "fly tying" bonus issue. It's loaded with step-by-step instructions on tying about 30 different flies for bass, bluegills, crappies, carp, and even gar and catfish! I never knew people actually fly fished for catfish, but like I said earlier, everyone has their own tastes!

The other thing I liked about the magazine was the fact that, while there are ads (you can't sell a magazine on subscriptions alone it seems) they are limited and specifically geared toward the warm water fly angler. I didn't find any of those that sell mini tillers, business-at-home schemes, or mail stuffing ads anywhere in the magazine. Most of the magazine was cover to cover information on warm water fly fishing, just like the name on the cover. It's refreshing to see a professionally produced magazine that hasn't "sold out" to anyone with a couple of ad dollars in their hands.

Like I said earlier, I don't make a habit of recommending things very often, but, if your into warm water fly fishing, ya gotta see this magazine!
~Randy Fratzke

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