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Part Two hundred twenty-seven

Noon Help

Rick Zieger

By Richard Zieger, Iowa

I did my normal trip of heading to the water reservoir during my lunch hour the other day. It was the first time in a week it had not been raining and blowing a lot. Two of those days there was lightening, which means I am not out.

Decided to fish the small pond formed when they put the road in. I would have the wind at my back and have the roadbed, which is about 8 feet above the water, to block the wind for me. Just got down to the pond when one of my elderly friends came by and asked if I thought I would catch any fish. Told him I did not know, but I would have fun in any case.

I tied on a Bead Head Peacock Sword nymph to use. Thought I would need to fish a little deeper than normal if I was going to catch anything. On my third cast I hooked into a fish and got it in. I had a 8 inch bluegill. The "Old Coot" as he calls himself told me to keep it on the shore and he would be back in a few minutes with a bucket. He wanted the fish to have for supper.

I would cast out and let the fly drop for about 4 to 5 seconds and then slowly retrieve it. I was trying to bring it back at a slow steady pace. Most times it was just the feeling of a little more weight on the line that indicated that something had hit. About every 6 to 8 casts I would have a fish hit. I actually caught about half of these.

The "Old Coot" got back and I put the fish in the bucket for him. He watched as I kept on casting. The first fish I hooked after he got back was a 19" bass. When I hooked this fish it went ballistic and came straight up out of the water. I did not put much tension on this fish because I was using 5X tippet. The fish came out of the water several times before I landed it, I think more by luck than by skill. This one went back into the pond.

I did have to change the fly because the bass did a job on the fly I was using. I went from a gray to a yellow fly. I think I should have started with the yellow because the crappie seemed to love the black fly. I caught a 10 inch crappie on the first five casts and 12 of 15 for the streak. I think a school came by moving slowly.

Ended up giving the "Old Coot" 15 crappie from 7 to 10" long and 13 gills from 7 to 9". He thought it was a great day of fishing and was ecstatic to get the fish. He cleaned them and shared them with a few other folks.

Two days later I caught 2 bluegills, 1 crappie and 1 bass using the same fly in the same pond. Guess this is what keeps us on our toes as we go out fishing.

Here's the fly:

Peacock Sword Nymph

    Hook:   8 - 14.

    Thread:   Black.

    Tail:   3 or 4 Peacock swords about shank length.

    Body:   Ostrich herl, 3 or 4 strands in several choices of color.

    Hackle:   Soft of some sort, I use a lot of pheasant body feathers.

Note: This can have a bead head nor not. I have substituted emu feather for the ostrich, but have not used it enough to make conclusions.

Hope you can get out on the water soon. ~ Rick

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