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Part Two hundred-twentyone

Casting Instruction

By Richard Zieger, Iowa

Went out to the lake today during my lunch hour. It had rained and the temperature was down.

Also the wind was blowing at about 15 mph and I thought with the wave action discoloring the water a little some fish might come in to look for food.

One place on the lake has a 100 yard long area that slowly slopes out over about 40 feet to the drop-off. The water then drops fairly fast into the 20 to 25 foot range. I thought that I might be able to cast out far enough to interest a few fish. This is a bit of a challenge for me because I have trouble casting very far into the wind.

I had been out for about 10 minutes when a gentleman came down and asked if I was catching anything. I told him that I had not by that time but I thought there could be fish feeding then.

He watched me for a couple of minutes and then asked me if I would be insulted if he made a few suggestion on my casting. I laughed and said that a lot of folks had made suggestions and many of them were not polite or even repeatable.

He asked if he could use my other rod to show me what he wanted to suggest. I told him to go ahead. He threw about 40 more feet of line than I ever have every thrown. I watched him and noticed that he really snapped his wrist forward right at the end of the cast. I ask him about this and he said he found it helped when casting into the wind.

I watched again and this time when he cast he nailed a gill of about 11". He thought that was great fun. He then watched what I was doing a made a few more suggestions. One thing is that I now drop the rod about 20 degrees away from vertical to cast. Believe it or not it increased my distance and my accuracy. I was throwing the line about 60 feet into the wind. This was a revelation.

As we were both casting we started to catch gills and bass when we were near the drop off. It was great fun to do this. He had a good time also. He also caught a 16" channel cat which was a first for him.

I tried to find out his name and where he was from but he would not tell me. He thanked me for letting him use the rod to catch some fish. I thanked him a great deal for his instruction to me.

I wanted to give him credit for doing this but he said it is one of the things that fly fishers do and to pass it on.

My casting is now much better than it was due to this gentleman. It was a great surprise to me. He did say that he has taught casting for many years.

If you hear this story from him please let me know his name and thank him again for me. Enjoy the water. ~ Rick

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