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Part Two hundred-thirteen

Noon Nymphing

By Richard Zieber, Iowa

Went out to the lake at lunch time today. Had some rain and the temperature are out of the 90 degree range. Cloudy skies with low 70's are the call that beckons me to hit the bank and try to fool a fish.

Tied on a floating nymph(wing case out of foam instead of feather). This one stays about 8 inches under the surface. Cast it out and started to retrieve it slowly. About every third cast I would catch a bluegill. They were hitting the fly fairly hard. It was fun to have cars stop to see what I was catching as the reports say that the fishing is slow.

Also decided to try another fly to see what I might catch on it. It is basically a bugger with a small foam disc on the tail and no hackle. It is tied with a bead head. It is a Gary LaFontaine pattern.

Tied one of these on and cast it out. I was fishing where the water does not get over about 5 to 6 feet deep. This flies hits the bottom and as you pull it the fly stirs up a little cloud of silt. Was made to tumble in a stream. Caught several bluegills, some bass, one catfish and hooked a couple of carp that flipped off the hook when they jumped.

I would move the fly about 1 to 2 inches each time I stripped it. All of the fish picked this up and started to move off with the fly. This is probably when the carp got off as I was setting the hook fairly fast so it would not go down the gullet of the fish.

I alternated rods as I was moving along the bank and would catch fish on each of them. It was fun and a great way to spend the lunch hour. One boat was on the lake that I could see and they came over to see what I was doing as they had only caught a few small bass.

Hope you can get out on the water and catch a fish. ~ Richard

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