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Part Two hundred-nine

My Place


By Johnny (aka Hillfisher), Texas

We all have a "My Place," whether it be a favorite fishing hole, that overly comfortable lounge chair in the den or even some park bench that is in just the right place to sit relax and enjoy a sunrise or sunset. "My Place" is that place we frequent regularly to regenerate our souls, regain sanity and escape the everyday pressures brought on by being responsible adults.

My place is just up the block, a small park that no one ever seems to use.

It has Dove Creek flowing through it and some industrious beavers have built a fair sized pond. It's spring fed, never goes dry and provides year round fishing within a 5-minute walk. The park is quite small only a couple of acres with deep soggy grass and large old stately native pecan trees along side graceful sweeping willows.

Fishing is easy here and the bream are very willing. Although there are no really big ones they are of fair size and on a 5wt or less, quite fun. The bass seem to be around the 2-pound range or smaller and can be a bit of a challenge to get on a fly. Whenever I seem to be having a bad day, this place is my medicine. Sometimes before going to work, a quick walk and a few fish later, puts me into a better frame of mind to meet the challenges presented at work.

It's here I come for solitude and regain the value of my soul. I just lay back and listen to the wind sigh through the trees, the cicadas singing their cadence, announcing the true arrival of summer. Sitting back and watching the damselflies flitter back and forth with the ever-eager bream hitting the surface trying in earnest to catch one. Counting the rises as one would count the stars on a clear summer night, slowly the pressures of the day dissolve away and are replaced with calmness and a sense of well being. I am now in the midst of nature in her full glory, a concert of sight, sound, smell and motion. Every sense attuned and readjusted for what the human spirit was really intended for.

Some days are just spent walking along the creek to collect mussle shells. Some get quite large and find a place among all the other "stuff" I collect from the area. Sage oranges, a weird shaped piece of wood and yet another nice piece of black or blood flint. All these things come from "My Place." A place of endless discoveries, wonderment, and a place to be 'me.'

Do you have a "My Place?" You should. ~ Hillfisher

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