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Part Two hundred-five

Wild Saturday
By Richard Zieger, somewhere in Iowa

Went fishing last Saturday at a pond that needs some small crappie taken out so the others will grow larger, and improve the fishing in the pond.

Trouble was there was a cow that did not like the way I looked, smelled, or possibly both. Just after I got over the fence she headed towards me and never stopped. She even moved along the fence to try to get to me. I decided I should fish elsewhere that day.

As I was loading my gear in the pickup a man stopped and asked me what I liked to fish for. I told him that my favorite fish were crappie. He said as long as I did not tell or show anyone where the pond was I could fish his pond and take all the crappie I could catch. He didn't like them and said the pond was full of them.

He showed me where it was and in just over two hours I caught 55 crappie and about 30 bluegills with several bass up to 2 pounds. This was a great deal of fun. Fish were hitting on almost every cast that I could get out far enough.

I was casting into a 25 to 30 mph wind. When I would get my timing right and get the fly out far enough a fish would hit it. Usually the fly did not go out very far, but when the routine was right the fish were eager to hit. I never had to set the hook as they were hitting the fly hard enough to set it themselves. Had to use forceps on most of the crappie to get the fly out as they had taken it deep.

I would have stayed longer but there was a storm coming, I packed it in when I heard the first thunder. I am sure I could have caught more fish if I had stayed there longer but they will be there next time. Did have lightening hit a tree about a half mile from where I came out of the field onto the main road. That was not the type of excitement I was looking for.

I did stop at the land owners home to thank him for letting me go in and to give him a dozen bluegill fillets as he said he liked those. He asked me if I had caught any crappie and when I told him he came out to look. He was glad I had caught them and wants me to return and take out more.

I told him that it would cause me great pain and anguish to do this, but I thought I could manage. I did have to promise him again that I would not tell people where this pond is because he is afraid people will come in and catch the bass out. This has happened to several ponds in this area.

Just as I was leaving he told me that a mutual friend had scuba dived in the pond last year and said it was full of fish. He said there were fish all over in the water from bank to bank and top to bottom.

I will be returning to this pond - and hope you find good fishing where you are. ~ RZ

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