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Bloody Mary

John McBride

By John McBride (jmcb@locl.net) Angola, IN

Here is a different fly for the Bass Fishermen. If you don't have bass locally, give it a try for the fish you have!

Bloody Mary - Recipe

Bloody Mary

    Hook:  Mustad 3366A.

    Thread:  Black.

    Eyes:  Red plastic bead chain.

    Tail:  Needloft craft cord red/tinsel.

    Body:  Needloft craft cord red/tinsel.

    Wing:  Needloft craft cord red/tinsel.

Tying Instructions

    1. Wrap thread to hook bend.

    2. Separate about an inch of the cord and slide over the hook shank making the tail.

    3. Wrap thread forward like a rib, and tie on bead chain eyes.

    4. Fray out about an inch of the cord hanging off the front of the hook for the wing.

    5. Pull this over the back, between the bead eyes and wrap thread behind the eyes.

    6. Whip finish here, then bring thread ahead and whip finish, and tie off and trim.


Casts like a dishrag, looks like a bloody Leech and the Bass love it! ~ John McBride

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