Fishing With Derek II

Rick Zieger, Iowa - July 27, 2009

Last year it did not work out for Derek to get out fishing with me. The logistics of time for each of us did not allow that. This year we got it set up again and we headed out to a pond.

We went to a pond that I can drive to since I wanted to be sure that we could fish from the canoe. Fishing from the shore would not be a good option. After got all the stuff loaded into the canoe I gave Derek a spin cast rod as that is the easiest for him to use.

This pond had the clearest water that I have seen this year. We started casting in places where we have located fish on previous trips, but that did not do us very much good. We made a lot of casts and did not have much to show for it.

We fished high and low in the water column. We fished with fast, slow and jerky retrieves. We changed the colors of the flies and twister tails that Derek was using.

There are several trees that were flooded when this pond was formed, and we fished around those and had no luck. Finally, a cast away from anything and being retrieved resulted in a small crappie being landed.

Maybe it was time to fish out in the open water and see if the fish were not schooled at all. We did have a little success doing that, but nothing that would even be close to what you would call hot action. In the process we fished all over the pond.

We tried the shallow water, but both of us tended to just catch the salad to go with a fish that we might catch. All of the fish that we caught were in water that was at least 6 feet deep. I was very surprised that there were no fish in the shallower water.

I do not have any pictures as my camera is pulling one of its tricks again. Any time I leave the battery in the camera the battery is being drained. The night before we went out, I checked the camera and the battery was low, so  I changed the battery and left it on the desk overnight. When I checked it in the morning, the battery was dead. Not always being on the bright side I had not charged the other battery.

I am not sure about Derek but I had a good time being out. We did get enough fish that he and his grandparents could have a meal.

I can only think that all of the rain we have had has changed the spawning and feeding activities of the fish. That may not be the reason, but it sounds like a good excuse for not getting a lot of fish.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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