Dumb Day to Go

Rick Zieger, Iowa - July 13, 2009

It was a day off, and since the ice is off the ponds it's time to go to the water. Two days before this we had 3 inches of rain, and the day before it was another 4 inches of rain. What sane person would even think of going out at a time like this?

To top it off I decide that it is time to haul the canoe into a pond. It was mainly brute strength and awkwardness that got the canoe to the water. It should have been a clue that the drain pipe in the road leading into the pond could not handle the water. It was flowing about four inches deep and 12 feet wide on the low side of the crossing.

This did not even stop me from going in. Would you believe that my better half says that at times:"You are so stubborn that it borders on being dumb!" Everyone should know that you can't catch fish if your fly is not in the water.

The water is high enough that the shore line is 15 feet back from where it was before. Lots of grass is covered and the fish might be up there looking for food. I get the canoe into the water and start making some casts.

No fish seems to be over the grass in the area where I am, so I move looking for the fish. They do not seem to be over the grass that has been covered with water.

Time to try the trees that have their trunks in the water now., and unfortunately this works out the same way the grass did. So if the fish are not in any of the shallow water places, they might be out in the deeper water.

So I am out from the shore making casts all though the water column. There is no success in doing this. I have gone through many different flies.

After two hours I decide that I will give it up and head home. I did fairly well on the fishing and really lousy on the catching. Not sure where the fish were, or if the water was so dirty that they could not swim through it.

It might have been more productive to stay at home, but not nearly as satisfying. I have a lot to learn about fishing muddy water. This might be the year that I have to learn it.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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