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Welcome to 'just old flies,' a section of methods and flies that used-to-be. These flies were tied with the only materials available. Long before the advent of 'modern' tying materials, they were created and improved upon at a far slower pace than todays modern counterparts; limited by materials available and the tiers imagination.

Once long gone, there existed a 'fraternity' of anglers who felt an obligation to use only the 'standard' patterns of the day. We hope to bring a bit of nostalgia to these pages and to you. And sometimes what you find here will not always be about fishing. Perhaps you will enjoy them. Perhaps you will fish the flies. Perhaps . . .

Part One hundred-thirteen

Alexandra Streamer

Alexandra Streamer

Compiled by Deanna Birkholm

"Evidently this fly originated as a trout fly in England. In 1929 Mr. Frier Gulline, of Fin, Fur and Feather Ltd., of Montreal, adapted it as a streamer fly. It has proved to be one of the best flies of this type for trout and bass in Canada. This pattern evidently was adapted from the Hardy Bros. Demon streamer. The dressings are identical, except that the Demon has a throat of light blue hackle and the tail is red wool instead of a section of red feather. In England, this fly is favored for salmon, sea trout and inland trout."

The original pattern was described:
    Head:  Black.

    Tail:  A fairly long but rather narrow section of a red goose or swan wing feather.

    Body:   Medium embossed silver tinsel.

    Ribbing:   Narrow oval silver tinsel.

    Throat:   A wide black saddle hackle wound on as a collar and separated at the top to accomodate the wing.

    Wing:   A fairly large bunch of bright green herl. The herl should be so selected as to be very green and very fine. The wing extends beyond the tail of the fly.

Quoted section and tying recipe from Streamer FLY TYING & FISHING, by Joseph D. Bates, Jr., published by Stackpole Books. Color photo from >Forgotten Flies. We appreciate use permission!

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