Dave Micus, Plum Island Sound

February 14th, 2005

By Dave Micus

There is a fly fisher born every minute, to paraphrase P.T. Barnum.

On a recent visit to the local fly shop (which is really a misnomer as it is actually more of an expensive clothing store for SUV driving soccer moms) I saw a new specialty fly tying tool from a famous Italian fly tier. There, in a clear bag with his name on the tag, was a plastic comb, the kind you can buy in a drug store for two-bits. The price was two bucks. I took the comb in my hand, turning it over and over, searching for something, some modification that made it a fly tying tool and not a hair comb. But, sigh, it was nothing more than a hair comb selling for eight times its normal retail price.

Initially I was upset, but soon my anger soon turned to admiration. Maybe he was onto something. He has, after all, convinced the fly fishing public he is the originator of the high tie style of fly tying, even though it's been around for decades. With one son on the verge of college, and another a mere two years away, I decided it might be wise to take a page from this entrepreneur's book, and after a substantial investment in R&D, I've came up with the following essential items to make life a bit easier for the fly fisher.


If you are into the traditions of the sport, these beautifully made hand-crafted solid wood bodkins are for you. Designed with the fly tyer in mind, each bodkin is double ended, so no more floundering around on your fly tying table to find the right end. And each bodkin is biodegradable which means, after years of use, you can discard it with a clear conscience. These are a steal at $1.00 each, but if you order 12 now you will receive an additional hand-carved wooden bodkin for free.


This is the only line storage system you will ever need. Put an end to line memory and the resulting tangles by simply winding the line around the cylinder; the No Tangle Line Storage System does the rest. It also conveniently has an enclosed compartment for storing your line cleaner and other products, and it is made from impact resistant plastic, similar to what the military uses in their plastic items. The No Tangle Line Storage System costs $19.95, incredibly inexpensive considering it will last a life time. For $29.95 we'll send you the No Tangle Storage System filled with coffee, a novel gift for your fishing buddy or a nice treat for yourself.


The Translucent Half-Hitch Tool is one of the most useful innovations that we've seen in quite a while. It is machined to perfectly match any hook eye from 5/0 to 28, and its transparent material lets you monitor exactly how and where the half-hitch is being applied to the fly. Finishing a fly has never been easier! This tool is a bargain at $15.00, but for an additional $5.00 we will include a special insert that will allow you to use the Translucent Half-Hitch Tool as a writing instrument.

This is my product line to date. I'm researching other ideas, like a smaller version of the Puglisi fly tying comb that you can carry in your back pocket, and a woven cotton lanyard that can double in a pinch as a shoe lace. Watch this site for further innovations. ~ Dave

About Dave:

Dave Micus lives in Ipswich, Massachusetts. He is an avid striped bass fly fisherman, writer and instructor. He writes a fly fishing column for the Port City Planet newspaper of Newburyport, MA (home of Plum Island and Joppa Flats) and teaches a fly fishing course at Boston University.

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