December 31st, 2007

Time To Remember
By Neil M. Travis, Montana

With the coming of each New Year much time is spent resolving to do things differently in the coming year, and so we make resolutions, resolving to do things in a different way than we did last year. Alas, the days slip away like water in our hands and we discover that our resolve has dissolved, and we have failed to make good on any of those resolutions. Since none of us know what a year may hold perhaps it is best to spend the waning days of each year remembering and reflecting on those things that have now past into history.

Looking back I recall the way that the last remaining rays of the setting sun turned the peaks of the mountains a rosy red, and how the cool night air was so refreshing after the heat of the day.

I recall a warm evening filled with dancing mayflies, and trout noses pushing through the surface film filling their mouths with the bounty of a Montana trout stream.

I recall the low rumble of thunder and the flash of distant lighting bringing the promise of refreshing rain.

I recall the smell of new mown hay scenting the early morning air with a bouquet no perfumer could duplicate.

I recall a picnic lunch in an aspen grove with my daughter and my wife, and how beautiful she looked with the sunlight dappling her face on that August day.

I recall the warm smile and the gentle touch of a loved one who shared my life and whose smile and touch are now stilled by the harsh hand of death.

I recall the hand of a friend, strong and warm, extended in sorrow and in love, and the tears gliding silently down his face, expressing feelings that words could not express.

I recall how blessed I have been to have seen good days, to have been loved, and to have loved.

Thus I am resolved to remember, to validate those memories in days yet to come, to engender a child-like faith and wonder in all that life brings my way. I am resolved to show to others the love that has been shown to me, and to view each day as a gift from God. ~ Neil M. Travis, Montana/Arizona

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