December 29th, 2008

Be It Resolved
By Neil M. Travis, Montana/Arizona

In 2009 I resolve to remember all the blessing that I have in America. I will remember those who fought and died to allow me to speak my mind, to travel where and when I desire, to vote for those who would represent me, and to be secure in my home. I will not forget that Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Veteran's Day are not just vacation days, but are times to remember and reflect upon those who gave their all and the freedoms they bought through their sacrifice.

In 2009 I resolve to see my world through fresh eyes. I will stand in awe and look at God's creation through new eyes. I will endeavor to live for today, being cognizant of the past yet not dwell in it, and mindful of tomorrow but not be anxious about it.

In 2009 I will take time to stop and smell the flowers. I will not be in such a rush to do all those 'important things' that I cannot stop to take note of what passes beneath my feet.

In 2009 I pray that God will allow me to spend a few days casting a fly to a rising trout, and I pray that He will grant you the same privilege.

May all my readers find ample reason to be thankful for all our blessing in 2009. ~ The Chronicler

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