November 24th, 2008

My Prayer At Thanksgiving
By Neil M. Travis, Montana/Arizona

It's me again Lord praying that you will give me another year to enjoy all that You have created. You have given me so much in my life, and I feel ashamed to ask for more of Your blessings. Perhaps it is part of Your perfect plan to extend my life for another year, and if it pleases You I would pray that You allow me the following blessings in the coming year.

Give me a trout stream flowing through a rural setting, where a few cows are feeding on a verdant green hill, the smell of fresh cut hay wafting on the breeze, and swallows dipping low over the water.

Give me a summer's day with fluffy white clouds outlining the mountain peaks, and a warm summer sun on my shoulders. Give me a bamboo fly rod handcrafted by a skilled workman whose God-given talents have translated raw bamboo, cork and silver into a work of art that I can hold in my hand.

Give me the strength to wade a stream, reflexes to make a fly rod cast a tight loop, hatches to cause the trout to rise, and the skill to hook a few. Give me a companion to share the water, and may I have the humility to appreciate other anglers whose skill is greater than mine.

Give me an appreciation of the life that You have given me, and the creation that You have created. Give me eyes to see the marvels of this world. Give me an appreciation of what I have, and help me to never take any of Your blessing for granted. Grant me the ability to see that every day is a miracle.

Give me friends both old and new to enrich my life, and help me to be a friend that will be there for others as they have been there for me.

Finally Father, forgive me when I forget to say thank you for all the blessings that you give to me every day. Remind me that I live in the most blessed nation in the world, and that there are millions of people that would be more than thankful for having even a small portion of the blessings that I have enjoyed. Thank you for the life that I have lived, for the joys and the pains that have marked my passage to this point, and when life is over grant me a place in your kingdom. Amen ~ The Chronicler

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