Muddler Minnows are effective when fished under tension at any depth, but are most productive when fished in the film during high, warm flows of spring and autumn.


A selection of simply-tied, sacrificial flies tied in several sink rates is handy for fishing deep. Bunny Buggers tied with one or multiple beads or lead eyes fill the bill. Black, purple and red are effective colors.

Rabbit Strip Flies

Rabbit strip, marabou, soft hackle, flashabou and brass beads combine to make a new age steelhead flies that pulse and breathe when submerged in running water. These flies take on many shapes and colors, but the key elements are lively action and sink rate.

Shrimp and Krill Flies

Small weighted shrimp and krill patterns are good for the low, clear, cold water conditions of deep winter.

Credits: Excerpted from Sandy River part of the Steelhead River Journal series, published by Frank Amato Publications. We greatly appreciate use permission.

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