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Part Fifty-four

Laguna Madre (South Texas)
Fall '99

By Capt. Kenny Brewer

Here's an update on recent changes in my "fly fishing program" for the Laguna Madre.

After a couple of years guiding fly rodders exclusively, I perceived the need for practical casting instruction and practice by most of my clients. Not you of course, but with that thought in mind I embarked on a mission to become a casting instructor so that I might help others achieve the skills necessary to be successful saltwater fly fishers. Believe me, there is nothing more frustrating than to be 40 - 60 feet from feeding, tailing fish and not be able to hit the target!

So, I went to school and got certified by the Federation of Fly Fishers. As a result, I now offer a 3 day / 2 night school that is designed to improve your ability, now! ( Longer stays are available ) There is a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of eight (8) anglers for each school. Tackle is available if needed.

The big bonus is that you fish while you learn.... and practice. We'll wade to tailing redfish and trout during the day and CATCH trout under the lights at night. If you don't feel the need for instruction we'll guide you to successful saltwater fly fishing.

This has been one of the best years in recent memory for fly fishing the lower Laguna Madre. The combination of very mild winters and an ambitious stocking program over the last several years have produced plenty of targetable gamefish. Springtime brings birds working over tailing redfish and trout. Of course spring also means wind, so casting practice is important!

Even as the bay fishing slows in late July and early August (an annual event caused by high temperatures, low tides, and oxygen depletion) the cooler, near shore, Gulf waters have proven productive for small tarpon, kingfish, bonito, jack crevalle, ling, and spanish mackerel.

Now we are entering into our tropical season. The redfish are schooling and tailing in the flats. Large trout (world record potentials) have been taken off the beaches on South Padre Island in recent weeks using #2 - #1/0 Sea-ducers with lead eyes. (Note: calm, clear water days are best for the surf.)

Barring a major freeze this winter, you can expect;

* Spring - wind, birds, tailing redfish and trout!

* Summer - less wind, trout and redfish exposing backs & tails & some gulf fishing for tarpon, kings, bonito,etc!

* Fall - tailing redfish and trout & November duck hunting (lodge only) oh, and last of the tarpon.

* Winter - (weather permitting) tailing redfish, big trout , and snook .

If you haven't had the chance to come fish this year, now is the time. I still have a few dates available through November '99, or make your reservation NOW for next year! Until next time, keep your rod bent and your line tight! ~ Kenny Brewer Phone: 1-956-233-5950

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