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Part Fourty-five

South Florida Report

By Capt. David Sutton
Photos by the Author

What a great time to be a guide in So. Florida. It's hard to go wrong. The Bonefish bite has been great on the outside of Biscayne Bay this past week. Monday we fished with Ron Sprague and caught bonefish as large as 9 1/2 lbs.

Ron Sprague and bonefish

This was a nice 6 pounder that we took time to stop and photograph. They were schooling in nice numbers, and that made them easier for the flyrod. Small crab's and gotcha's worked well, colored the same as the bottom.

The Tarpon were still moving south in packs of up to 20, but the fish are getting heavier. We Jumped two fish in the 120 pound class on traditional yellow fly's. Most fish we saw were at least 90 lbs. and up. Getting out before dawn is best to take advantage of cooler water temps. The added benefit of a great sunrise on the flats is as good as the fishing.

Tarpon Sunrise

The Permit are also on the prowl up on the flats edges. You don't stand a better chance of that SLAM you've always dreamed of than now. So get on out there and don't forget to submit your slam to the MET for a Citation.

We'll see you on the flats! ~ Capt. Dave Sutton

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