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Part Twenty-seven

A Glades Moment

By Captain Dave Sutton

It was one of those trips, one of those perfect days. When leaving Flamingo, the sun was just a warm glow in the eastern sky. Only there, was a sign of color, all else, a mix of gray's and blacks. Not a breath of wind. The air refreshed by the night. The morning moisture was on the decks of the platform we would use to stalk our quarry this day. Weapons were poised and ready. Expectations were high. For this, was the hunt.

An adventure to the outer reaches of Everglades National Park is best shared with good friends, but often on a journey like this, is where the bonds of friendship begin to weave for a guide and his angler. For a moment of  wonder is surrounding them if they have the vision to see. If they take the time to dream of what it once was, here in the clear waters and protected cuts of Florida Bay.

What a wondrous place this must have been a hundred years ago. As we glide through the waters making our way through the maze of channels, it seems it could be, for a instant. Only the skiff that carries us to our destination, breaks the silence. In front, the mirror of water changing into a slice of ripples behind, as the colors of morning rapidly change. Like a new life, the day begins to unfold.

Glades Sunrise

As our spirits drink from the well that is nature, we can feel the healing of our hearts & souls. To be witness,  and not embrace this moment, would be tragic.

The sky now from black, to the palest blue. The skiff moves in silence, approaching, a hint of a breeze is seen,  but  not enough to cover the wisp of silver tail. Piercing the mirror of water, a shimmering knife reflecting the still  rising sun. Adrenaline flows, the heart pounds, years of practice  forgotten in an instant.  Finally, into the path, the fly is placed  with surgical precision, the strike, the set, and the fight begins.

At this point, victory is ours.  Before we ever hold, or measure, or weight, we have won. We have seen our quarry, silently approached him, and convinced  him with a collection of fur, feathers & steel. We have entered into a brotherhood.

For this is not just a mere fish ...

This is a phantom,

       but today ..... there is success.

Today, is the time and the place of dreams ...

       mine & yours...           ~Captain Dave Sutton

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