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September 23rd, 2002

Tradition & Innovation:
In Praise of Mongrels
By Sheldon Seale

"Mongrelising" or deliberately combining features from two or more patterns, is a powerful innovative tool. The Muddler Minnow and the Wooly Bugger have to be two of the most effective patterns ever invented, and there are scores of variations of each. However, combine the two and you get the Bow River - a mongrel pattern which many Calgarians would insist is more effective than either of its parents! The Stimulator in all its variations has a brightly coloured head with a grizzly hackle wound through it. Add this to a Woolly Bugger and you get the Stimulated Bugger - a pattern which I've found effective, especially in heavily fished places.

Stimulated Bugger

    Hook: Mustard 9672 (or equivalent)
    sizes #2 - #8
    Thread: Black.
    Tail: Black marabou.
    Body: Peacock herl.
    Rib: Copper wire.
    Body Hackle: Brown.
    Head Hackle: Grizzly.
    Head: Bright orange seal fur or equivalent.

    1. Start the thread about halfway back from the hook eye. Weight the hook with lead wire if a sinking pattern is required. Tie in a tail of black marabou equal to the length of the hook shank and add a rib of copper wire.

    2. Add a body of peacock herl. Tie in several strands, twist into a rope and wrap forward in touching turns, leaving sufficient space for the head.

    Other Mongrels That Work
    Muddled Bugger

    3. Tie in a brown hackle by the butt at the front of the body. Wrap it back in open turns to the tail. Trap the hackle at the tail with copper wire and wind the wire as a rib forward through the hackle. Wiggle the wire back and forth as you wind it to minimize trapping the fibres. Tie off the wire at the front of the body and cut off the excess.

    Muddled Hopper

    Canadian Fly Fisher

    4. Tie in a grizzly hackle by the butt where you've tied off the wire rib. Dub a head of bright orange seal fur and wrap the hackle in open turns through the head. Tie off the hackle and trim the excess. Form a small, neat head. ~ Sheldon Seale

    Credits: From the Fall 2002 issue of The Canadian Fly Fisher. We greatly appreciate use permission.

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