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November 27th, 2000

Readers's Showcast
The Canadian Brown & The Snowbird

Submitted by Roger Boudreau

Roger lives in Robertville nwar Bathurst, New Brunswick, where he fishes for both trout and salmon. He useds English to describe his two flies, but as he tells us about himself in his first language, French, we've supplied a translaton.

"Je suis membre de l'association de la riviere Nipisiguit depuis 1986, une riviere que j'aime beaucoup pour son eau tres claire et fraiche durant tout l'ete. Cette riviere n'est peut etre pas aussi populaire que la Restigouche ou la Miramachi, mais elle est bonne autant pour la truite que le saumon, et je demeure a 20 minute de la riviere. Les mouches utilisee sont en general les memes que pour les autres rivieres du Nouveau-Brunswick et ailleur, l'important est de varie les grosseurs de mouches selon l'humeur du poisson et la hauteur de l'eau.

I have been a member of Nipisiguit River Association since 1986ľa river which I love deeply for its extremely clear water and because it stays cool throughout the summer. This river is not as popular (well-known) as the Restigouche or the Miramachi, but it is good for both trout and salmon, and I live only 20 minutes away. The flies I use are generally the same as those used on other New Brunswick rivers and elsewhere. The main thing is to change the size of the fly according to the mood of the fish and the height of the water.

The Snowbird


I named this fly the Snowbird because I tied it the same day that the Canadian aerobatic show, The Snowbirds, was held in Bathurst. I caught eight grilse and five large salmon on it that season.

  • Hook:  Your choice.
  • Thread:  Black.
  • Rib:  Oval gold tinsel
  • Body:  Yellow floss.
  • Wing:   Red, over white, over red calf or buck tail.

The Canadian Brown

Canadian Brown

"I have decided to share my favourite trout fly with you. I call it The Canadian Brown, and it's a very productive dry fly for brook trout on rivers and lakes. It is so easy to make, because you only need a brown thread, a brown hackle, and a hook.

  • Hook:  Standard dry fly, #14 - #18.
  • Tail:  Brown hackle fibres.
  • Body:  Brown thread.
  • Hackle:  Brown dry fly. ~ Roger Boudreau

Fall 2000 issue Canadian Fly Fisher Readers' Showcase is a place for our readers to share their fly tying innovations. We invite you to participate in this exchange. Send us: a brief bio of yourself, a short account of how you came to make the innovation, tying recipe and instructions, where and how to fish it, and a sample of the fly so that we can photograph it. Don't worry about how good your writing might be, we'll rewrite it. Similarly, if your first language is French, write it in French. We'll translate it and print in both languages.

Participants whose creations we publish will receive a valuable item of merchandise from one of our advertisers. Roger Boudreau, whose flies are featured above will be receiving one of the new strap-on vests from Filson. The creator of the one in our Winter, 2000 issue will receive a copy of the magnificent new book, Mayflies. ~ Chris Marshall

We thank the Canadian Fly Fisher for re-print permission!

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