Bob Boese -August 24, 2009

            A bit of serendipity started at a recent conclave where I chanced on a discussion of fly vests and the myriad of items carried by the modern fly fisherman. The conversation turned to the subject of Lee Wulff (credited for inventing the fly vest in 1931) and the back problems his invention created Since I do not wear a vest, but prefer a large fly bag on my waist (fanny pack style), it seemed an interesting but irrelevant (to me) topic. Then along came serendipity.  

            I had been sorting through old fly fishing magazines, trying to reduce a mountain of dated materials, and a May 1990 Fly Rod & Reel was in the stack being reviewed. That magazine contained an article entitled “What’s in Lee Wulff’s Vest? It was an interesting coincidence to say the least. I read the article, then inventoried my own bag and compared the two. This was the vest Lee used primarily for trout, so I compared my trout bag. Note: some of my zingers are pinned to the inside of my bag.

            Then I wondered if other FAOL readers might share their vest contents on the Forum. I think it would be an interesting exercise because each of us can learn from all of us.




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