Bob Boese, Louisiana

December 22nd, 2008

Pitzen Knot Tied Boese Method
By Bob Boese, Louisiana

I mentioned my method for tying a Pitzen in previous articles. I have tried to give enough information below so that you can try it out. Let me know if this was sufficient.

For the right-handed knot tier:

    1. Take a length of line with the tag end on your right.

    2. Hold the line between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.

    3. Make a loop clockwise and grab loop with your middle fingers, still holding on to the line with your thumbs and forefingers. There should be space between your hands but the loop should be fairly snug.

    4. Using your thumbs and forefingers, make 5 wraps of the tag end around the middle of the loop. Because of the clockwise loop, the natural way the line will make wraps around the loop is left to right.

    5. Take the tag end and put it through the end of the loop nearest your left hand and catch the tag end and the line to your reel between your left hand thumb and forefinger.

    6. Pull the two pieces of line with your left hand while pulling the loop with the middle finger of your right hand.

    7. The knot will tighten between your hands. You now have a noose.

Here's the best part. Before you start the knot, put a fly on the line and when you do step 3 have the fly at the end of the loop by your right hand middle finger. When you finish the knot, the fly will be in the noose.

I average about 10 seconds per knot using this method. If I have flies ready on my fly patch, I can change an entire dropper rig on the water in less than a minute.

~ Bob

About Bob:

Robert Lamar Boese has fly fished for five decades. He is an environmental negotiator, attorney and educator who has provided environmental legal services for more than thirty-three years including active duty with the U.S. Coast Guard and Department of Justice. He is a well known fly tyer with several unique patterns to his credit. He has developed and authored federal and state regulatory programs encompassing a broad spectrum of environmental disciplines, has litigated environmental matters at all levels of the federal and state court systems, and is a qualified expert for testimony in environmental law. He has authored over 60 published text chapters, comments or articles on environmental matters, is a member of the Colorado, District of Columbia and Louisiana Bar Associations, and is a certified mediator. In addition to his legal practice, Mr. Boese has been a high school teacher, an associate professor of Environmental Law and Public Health, has authored numerous fiction and sports publications, and is a softball coach and nationally certified volleyball referee. He is the president of the Acadiana Fly Rodders in Lafayette, Louisiana and editor of Acadiana on the Fly. He has been married for thirty years and is the father of two fly fishing girls (25 and 21). For additional information contact: Boese Environmental Law, 103 Riviera Court, Broussard, LA 70518 or call 337.856.7890 or email

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