Bamboo Bonzai

With an increasing interest in cane rods by our readers, (and the number of questions regarding cane on our Bulletin Board,) I asked Frank Cavanaugh of Port Angeles Washington, USA for permission to let us use this. Thanks Frank! ~ dlb

Tips on Collecting Bamboo Rods

By Frank Cavanaugh

  • Condition, condition, condition. Check them out. If you are buying from a catalog, make the sale subject to your approval.

  • It is, of course, possible to have the rod restored, but it is such a hassle, let alone expensive.

  • Check the length of each piece. If the tip is short, it surely has been damaged.

  • Look for hook digs.

  • Put the rod together and shake it. This will tell you if the ferrule(s) is/are loose.

  • When it is together in hand, check the action: does it set left or right?

  • This one is tough, but try to feel for invisible wraps, which are used to give strength to a weak spot.

  • When first starting to collect, try to decide whether you are going to want to use the rods, or not. If you will use them, you might want to think about the weight you can tolerate for a long day on the river, and collect only those that won't be too tiring.

  • Try to get some sort of provenance for the rod. The rod might be more valuable if you can show who owned it. Many rod makers would make up rods for famous fishermen, and send them free, just to have them try them out. ~ Frank Cavanaugh

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