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True Love

In His Service Worldwide (Based on a true story)
By Michael K. Villa, Rodmaker

Welcome back to the never-ending saga of common sense in choosing a bamboo fly rod. I will be featuring my wife, Diane (whom I love), and how on this particular day in August of '97, I found out just how much I loved her. Diane and I have three beautiful daughters and six terrific grandkids. Now, back to my story.

After making numerous split cane bamboo fly rods, with my very own hands, I had one that was the ultimate fly rod. Yes, this beautiful 5 foot 3 inch 4/5 weight one-piece rod was the one. My wife and I had packed up and moved from the Sacramento area to Ventura. The fresh water is not as common here in Ventura as it was in Northern California, so I needed to make a new smaller rod for myself, or so I thought.

Well, after we settled in our new location, we set up shop. Priority one for me was to start working on my new 5 foot 3 inch bamboo rod. It was not long before this baby was ready for the test. You see, when we make a rod, Diane and I discuss things like reel seats, cork handles, color of silk and the type of wraps to be placed on each rod. As you can see by now, I love bamboo. When each bamboo rod is complete we take it out for a test run.

Diane and I take our finished rods up to the park to test them out. We compare notes with one another. This helps us to make better rods. I put on a fly reel with a 4-weight line on it. I then ran the line up through the guides and up through the tiptop. Yes, my new split cane bamboo fly rod was finished. I pulled off 25 to 30 feet of line and began to load up the rod. I knew this was it! In my excitement, I made only 4 or 5 false casts in order to hurry so Diane could try out my new rod. Before I knew it, she had made 5 or 6 false casts herself. Much to my surprise, Diane had only one word to say.

" MINE!!!" For about 1.5 seconds I had brain fade and said, "OK"! When my brain checked back in, it was too late. She had claimed ownership of the new rod.

I asked her, "Out of all the rods we've made, and all the rods we've cast over the years, why was this the one you had to have?"

Her answer was, "It's MAGIC". Today, Diane's rod has an inscription on it that reads, "Especially for My Wife Diane."

True love at it's best.

Good days on the river! Yes, you can email me. ~ Michael K. Villa, Rodmaker

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