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Bamboo Rod Care

By Jeffrey D. Wagner

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To give you years of service and enjoyment on the stream, the following tips are offered for the care and maintenance of cane rods:

  • Wipe down your rod with a soft, clean cotton cloth before returning it to its bag and case. NEVER put away a wet rod or submerse a cane rod in water.

  • My rods for 1-5 weight are designed to throw very tight loops through a very sensitive tip. Do not use these rods to cast weighted flies of any type.

  • Assemble and disassemble the rod by grasping the metal ferrule and push or pull STRAIGHT in/out. Do not twist the rod section or pull on the bamboo itself. Never use the guides for "leverage". Before and after assembly, wipe the male ferrule with a clean, dry cloth. Adding oil or grease to a ferrule attracts dust and grime and is not recommended.

  • When assembling three piece rods, join the tip section to the mid section first, then join this section to the butt. Disassemble the rod by removing the mid from the butt, followed by removing the tip from the mid.

  • If your fly becomes hung up, NEVER use the rod to free the fly. Let out some slack, grab the line above the tip top and pull on the line.

  • Disassemble the rod after use.

  • Play fish judiciously before releasing. ~ Jeff Wagner

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