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by Wayne Cattanach

March 2nd, 1998

Once upon a time in a distant enchanted forest lived Thaddeus. Thaddeus, the rod maker. In a quaint little workshop tucked under the giant pine tree Thaddeus, the rod maker, made bamboo fly rods.

Each morning Thaddeus, the rod maker, would start his day by hand planing his fly rod parts. These parts were special because they were made from Tonkin bamboo from far away China. Anyway, Thaddeus, the rod maker, worked hard but he enjoyed making his fly rods because they were for his trout bum friends.

Now every day about quitting time all of Thaddeus's trout bum friends would come over to his workshop. And together they would go off to the magical stream deep in the enchanted f orest to see their special friend for a game of catch and release.

Their special friend was Brooke, the brook trout, and he lived in the magical stream deep in the enchanted forest with his other brook trout friends.

But when they arrived at the magical stream, deep in the enchanted forest, they discovered poor Mr. Graphite was already there. And like usual, poor Mr.Graphite had scared Brooke, the brook trout, and all the other brook trout because he didn't cast very well. Try as he would poor Mr. Graphite couldn't land his fly on the surface of the magical stream soft enough.

After a bit poor Mr. Graphite finally gave up. Now Thaddeus, the rod maker, wanting to help poor Mr. Graphite, offered to let him use one of his bamboo fly rods. But poor Mr. Graphite d eclined saying his rod was 15% lighter. Discouraged poor Mr. Graphite left the magical stream deep in the enchanted forest to go home.

Once poor Mr. Graphite had left it was their turn. So Thaddeus, the rodmaker, and all his trout bum friends, with bamboo fly rods took up their positions in the prime lies in the magical stream deep in the enchanted forest. And soon Brooke, the brook trout, and all of his brook trout friends realized that Thaddeus, the rod maker, and his trout bum friends were there. They could tell by the delicate casts and gentle presentations and came out from hiding and played catch and release with Thaddeus, the rod maker, and all his trout bum friends. A happy ending. WC

The family name Cattanach desends from the Scottish clan of Chattan, which may or may not explain how Wayne came to be the fifth generation living on the family farm outside of Casnovia, Michigan. Professionally a mechanical contractor, Wayne currently works for Forest Hills Schools.

Flyfishing and rod building (after losing the rod he was given) since 13, Wayne has stayed with the passion for 16 years, or for at least 100 rods. Whether writing, doing, demonstrating or teaching, Wayne is extremely involved in keeping the art and craft smanship of hand made bamboo rods alive ... though he handles his skill and reputation with great humility. When Wyoming rodmaker, Jon Parker noted there is a good chance of Wayne being the next Everett Garrison, Wayne replied, "I laugh - knowing that I w on't be around to know if that prediction comes true or not. Instead I think of myself as a modest and casual person somehow being allowed to hang around with a group of highly skilled craftspeople - having fun and watching the adventure unfold."

While with The Planing Form Wayne helped organize the first eastern rod makers get together which over the years migrated its way to Grayling, Mi and is now known as Rodmakers at Grayrock. The TTBBQ is the social ending. Last year Wayne came up with the idea for The Makers Rod.

The Makers Rod will be a 7 foot 6 inch, 4 weight, 3 piece, 2 tipped rod. What makes the rod special is that it will be made by 28 rodmakers from across the United States.
The special cause will be stream restoration on the AuSable and Manistee r ivers of Michigan.
For the rodmakers it is a chance to show their love for the craft and their concern for our resources.
For some lucky individual it is a chance to own perhaps the most unique bamboo fly rod ever made.

To find out more on the Maker's Rod, including how to enter the raffle to win, click here.

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