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Good Evening Fellow Flyfishers
Tonights Topic: More on Reading Lake Maps

Do reservoirs, because of the moving water, pose a different set of problems that may not be present when analyzing a lake maps?

The reservoir map is of Lake Oahe, located in South Dakota. The lake extends from Pierre, SD to Bismarck ND, a total distance of 231 miles. This lake contain a variety of gamefish and is a very popular tourist site, (like South Dakota needs another one).

The area that I will have posted this evening is approximately six miles by six miles. We will be looking at the points that have the highest probability of holding fish. The map will contain more than a few of these places. See if the spots that you pick are the same or different from what everyone else feels are the hotspots.

Fishing on any body of water can be a very rewarding experience, if you have the knowledge to find the spots that are going to be the most productive fish holding areas in the least amount of time. Locating these spots on a contour map can reduce the amount of time that you will spend "fishing" and increase the amount of time you will spend "catching." Whether your on a lake the size of Oahe or you're on Conchas Lake in New Mexico the fish are still going to be reacting the same to their environment. Hinkley Reservoir in NY is the same as Lake Oroville in Northern California. Although they have 3000 miles of space in between the fish still react the same to their surroundings. If you have an understanding of the contours of the bottom you will be able to pick the points that are the most likely to hold fish, making fishing on any body of water more productive.

Many people in the chatroom never say anything, I would like to think that they are reading along with the topic and picking up tips. If this is more to your taste, please feel welcome to do so. If you feel that you definitely have something to contribute to this topic stop by and add it in, it can only add fuel to the fire.

Feel free to join in at any time. If you are not comfortable with contributing, follow along with the conversation, I am certain you will learn something.

Please show respect for your fellow flyfishers and the sport by staying on the topic and refrain from non-topic chatting. There is more than enough time available to chat with your friends and acquaintances on this chatline. This is a formatted time slot. ~ Craig

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