Central Washington Fish In


(Linemender Grins and Fins Gathering)

Steve Zweber - June 20, 2011

Hi Cary,

Hey buddy, just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that we pulled it off again! The 2011 Central Washington Fish In is in the books. Our ninth year of hosting this gathering and it keeps on bringing together friends old and new.

I remember how it all started; we were back from the first Idaho Fish In and fishing together on the Ford. You stated that we could do the same thing here, we had the crick, we have lakes with trout and warm water fish, and you really didn't want to spend a full year before you had a chance to get together with friends!

Central Washington Fish in Wrap up for 2011

This year, as usual, I arrived a day early to find some folks there already waiting for it all to begin. Jerry and Carol were set up across the drive from where we set up and it was great to have them there early and the dogs had fun meeting each other!

We had a very nice crowd this year, 18 - 24 folks, depends upon if you want to count kids! It was not good timing on my part. I had cracked a rib the week before while riding my mountain bike, just a reminder, some folks should not be popping wheelies. I stayed in camp and directed folks on where to go, how to get there and what should work. As always, they chose to use my directions and their own flies.

On Thursday and Friday a lot of folks fished the creek, I know Foo hit carp corner and my favorite run, knowing Jon he probably hit the rock hole too. A newcomer to our gathering had it dialed in at the scud slot. He and his buddy Mike came back to camp with big smiles on their faces.

Your BIL Doug came back with tales of fish hooked and played, and seeing how we are so close to Rodeo town, I let him know the eight second rule applied. Kate mentioned that you always called her Katie, which I will do from now on too.

The Thomas crowd arrived in waves; Dad Brandon got there first on Thursday and set up camp for his crew then got to fish hard in the morning. He told me that yes; the magic bug still works quite well, along with your F-100. Courtney arrived after the kids got out of school on Friday and Brandon spent some wonderful father/ son time helping 7 year old Brydon with his casting. Not to be out done, 3 year old Gwen got lessons with Jeff's Sage 000 rod that he won in the FAOL raffle a few years back.

Speaking of casting, as always we got out a few rods in the evenings, threw a few lines as they say. I (with the bad rib) called it quits after one cast, but, these folks can throw a line! The crew from Montana knew what they were doing, and I watched Foo impress the whole crowd. We did a quiet golf clap for his performance, when you see backing out the rod tip, ya gotta love it!

Richard and Nancy showed up also, he was too busy with work to bring the camp trailer, so he set up shop at the Best Western, and they made it to camp every day! I tell ya, that guy can do magic with his Dutch ovens!

Cary, hey, you remember that lake you got us all started on? You told us we would have a blast fishing for Gills and some small Bass? Well, folks this year were very happy to find out that the bass have grown a bit, enough to give them a fine work out on their 4wt Gill rods! I saw a few pictures of Bass that anyone would be proud of!

My friend, I'm very happy to let you know that Margaret made it also. Although I think Maggie came to see her sister Kate, she was there and shared in our gathering. I know she made a few Fish Ins before, but this one she came to knowing it was for you.

You always did enjoy a crowd, and boy howdy we had a fine one on Saturday evening for the pot luck! Your brother, Mike, was there, your wife was there, your brother and sister in law were there plus a lot of your friends that you have fished with through the years. Hey buddy, even a few folks that had never met you but wished they had fished with you were there.

Central Washington Fish in Wrap up for 2011

You always liked to bring out your Dutch Ovens. Well my friend, the Iron was out this year too. Richard out did himself with coals and ovens stacked. Courtney made fantastic chili; Katie did spaghetti with meat balls, Greek olives, wonderful salads, and desserts that had the kids asking if they had to eat dinner first!

Central Washington Fish in Wrap up for 2011


Central Washington Fish in Wrap up for 2011

And after we ate, had our bellies full, your new friend Mike (aka Thunderthumbs) got out his bagpipes and played Amazing Grace and the Marine Corps Hymn for you. I didn't see a dry eye in the crowd.

Cary, what a pleasure to see your family. What a great gathering you started. You made friends everywhere you went and in everything you did. I'm proud to be able to carry on this gathering in your name. Dang it buddy, I miss your sausage and biscuits on Sunday morning!

Looks like we will have to do it again next year! I sure hope everyone joins us again.

Till then, I miss you my friend.

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